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Charitable Registration

Area meetings were previously religious charities excepted from registration under SI 1996 No 180 and SI 2007 No 2655 (no extended by SI 2013 N0 1734).

Area meetings now have to register with the Charity Commission when their income moves above £100,000 per year (unless the income is over £100,000 for one year only due to exceptional circumstances). Those with an annual income under this figure may have to register later, but no date (or new income limit) has yet been announced. (See QSC's paper for the different position for Charitable Incorporated Organisations)



The registration of the area meeting is done on line.

This paper guides you through the online application [Word: 77kb].

You will need to submit with your application your governing document. This template was agreed by Quaker Stewardship Committee with the Charity Commission. If you have made changes to the template please indicate what they are and why you made them.

You will also need your previous year’s accounts to show that your income is above the £100,000 threshold (mention of the £5,000 threshold is for new charities only, not previously “excepted” ones).


Once the area meeting is registered as a charity then it should make a 'scheme' that amalgamates the area meeting charity with any connected trusts it runs, including its specie (property) trusts. This paper gives information about making a scheme including the template scheme document [PDF: 100kb - new window].

Please contact Helen Griffith at Friends House, 020 7663 1161,, if you have any questions.