Find out how to leave a gift in your will. We will support you in this process and help you to help Quaker work thrive in the future.

Leave a gift to Britain Yearly Meeting in your will and give the gift of equality, peace, truth, justice and simplicity to the next generation.

You will probably want to give something to family and close friends to express your love and care for them, similarly you may have chosen to give a gift to your local meeting. You can also make a real difference to the lives of Quakers in Britain and around the world. A gift of any size is greatly appreciated, and is a way to work collectively with others and let your life speak into the future.

Here is the legacy information sheet (PDF) which contains information on making and amending a will. We have included suggested wording for leaving a legacy to Quaker work.

Here is the legacy pledge form (PDF) so that you can let us know about your gift, which will help us plan ahead and will allow us, if you wish, to stay in touch with you.

Together, we can ensure that Quaker communities thrive and Quaker voices are heard for years to come.

Eva Barton, legacy pledger

“The reasons for leaving the legacies is my sense of gratitude for the existence of Quakers in Britain and for the richness that belonging to a meeting, first Frenchay meeting, now Milton Keynes meeting, has brought to my life."

Jonathan Fox, speaking about the gift to BYM from his late wife Jane

“The legacy gift, although from Jane's estate, is from both of us, a reflection of our shared Quaker background and the richness of our Quaker lives. Our legacy is to help promote Quakerism as a way of life, to ensure Quakers are supported and that the continuing revelation of Quaker faith lives on. Jane and I both felt it was our duty to give a gift in at least one of our wills. We value highly the centrally managed work of BYM on behalf of all Quakers. When we made our wills we had an eye on our future care needs, our 3 children and 6 grandchildren, and we knew we also wanted to make a gift to the Quakers, to the centrally managed work, so that Quakerism could thrive." 

John Geale, Settle Local Meeting

"It is important to emphasise what a critical part legacies to BYM play in supporting meetings and funding Quaker work. Here in our local meetings, if we care about society and BYM, we need to be reminded of this! Especially for the years, like last year, where income from the Quiet Company is much reduced, legacy gifts become even more important. So, keep saying 'please remember to write BYM into your will, and from time to time, consider increasing the amount'!"

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Sending a message to the future: legacy giving

7 July 2020 by Beth Follini

​Making a gift in one's will to future generations of Quakers is a very personal decision, but one that can have a huge impact. In this personal blog Beth Follini reflects on family, spirituality and sharing a passion with future generations.

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