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Quaker communities

This section includes a range of support offered by Quaker Life for Quaker meetings and communities. Please see below for the areas of support offered to Friends. You can either go to the subject areas or directly to the pages in these areas. The news feed on this page features articles aimed specifically at Quaker meetings and communities.

Latest news

  • Journey into membership for a prisoner

    7 December 2023

    A prisoner, serving a life sentence, recently applied to become a member of the religious Society of Friends, with the support of the local Quaker Prison Chaplain, Tricia Bradbury, and was warmly accepted into membership of CEQ area meeting on 19th September 2023. He had been visited by two Friends, following the usual Quaker practice.

  • Quakers in the South East of England think about sustainable models of governance

    5 December 2023

    In October, twenty-two Area Meeting Clerks and Trustees from six area meetings met together in Brighton Meeting House and on Zoom to consider sustainable models of governance.

  • Travelling in the ministry today

    27 November 2023

    Travelling to visit and worship with Friends in other Quaker meetings can be one form of ministry. A year ago, Matt felt led to travel in the ministry among Friends, having read about earlier Quakers who travelled between meetings, carrying a message of hope and light.

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