The registering officer's primary role is to ensure, on behalf of the Society, that proper marriage procedures are followed. They support couples wishing to have a Quaker wedding through the process.


Registering officers handbook

A handbook containing detailed guidance and advice for Quaker registering officers as PDF.

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From the very beginning – for longer even than membership – Friends have regarded marriage as a state so momentous that it requires an explicit, solemn enactment in a meeting for worship.

- Qf&p 16.03


Registering officers are appointed by area meetings, and have a formal legal role to play in Quaker weddings. They have responsibilities both to the area meeting and the civil authorities. Chapter 16 of Quaker faith & practice gives detailed information on Quaker marriage procedures for same-sex and opposite-sex couples and the role of the registering officer. Ensure you are using the most recent version, available online, as changes to this chapter were approved by Britain Yearly Meeting 2015 after the fifth edition's print publication.


As well as the Registering Officers Handbook the following printed or electronic materials support registering officers:


If you have any questions about Quaker marriage procedure, or how to respond to enquiries from couples who are not part of our religious community, please contact the Church Government Adviser in the Recording Clerk's Office. Contact details below.

Marriage law varies considerably in different parts of Great Britain. Chapter 16 of Quaker faith & practice sets out procedures for England, Wales and Scotland. Meetings in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man should contact the Church Government Adviser for further advice.

Registering officers' e-group

Registering officers can communicate with one another on an email list, which provides peer support. When an area meeting clerk informs the Recording Clerk's Office at Friends House of a new registering officer (as required by Quaker faith & practice - chapter 16), that person will be added to this group.

To find out how you can join the list please contact the Church Government Adviser.

Training and events

Registering officers conference

About every three years a conference for registering officers is held. The most recent one was held in April 2023. For further information and to find out where and when the next one will be held contact the Church Government Adviser. Visit the events page nearer the time for  information about the registering officers' conference expected to be held in 2026.

Registering officers training

For those new to the role, Woodbrooke offers a training course 'Being a Quaker Registering Officer', the next event will be held online and is planned to be held in 2025 or early 2026.

Contact us

Church Government Adviser
020 7663 1023