What better way to reflect the work of our Yearly Meeting than through the lenses of Friends? From photographs of Quakers going about their business, to scenes of nature that move us, we want to share an authentic Quaker view of the world.

We need photographs of Quakers!

If you have a camera or a smartphone why not join us to build a bank of images? The best images will be used on our website and for other publicity. This will save money that we can use for other work.

At the start of each month we'll set a theme and announce it here and in Quake!.

June: 'Coming together'

We've started opening up, and beginning to come together and mixing with other people again. Where, how and with whom are we taking the tentative steps to reconnect with each other in the real world? Are we keeping technology in the mix as we all find our social footing at our own pace – after blended worship are we trying blended socialising?

Photo: © Mike Pinches 2019

Sending photos in

Before sending the photos please consider:

  • Are the images free of blurs?
  • Is it likely we can get permission from people in the photos to use their image?
  • Are the images yours to send?

Here's a short guide on taking pictures that tell a story (PDF).

Please send the photos to photos@quaker.org.uk along with a very brief description of what's happening in the image(s). Make sure they are attached at full size, although emails of over 36MB will not reach us. If you have lots of photographs please send us the best and let us know that you have more.

Accessing the photos

If your images are suitable for use, then we'll get back to you to check permissions and a few details. If your images aren't suitable we'll safely delete your email and attachments.

If you'd like to have access to the image library please email photos@quaker.org.uk. Please note that the collection is still small though we hope to be able to set up some shoots in 2022.

Be in a photo shoot

If your meeting or Quaker group would be willing to take part in a photo shoot please do let us know.

Header photograph of DSEI 2017 by Norwich Quakers

Contact us

Nik Dadson
020 7663 1116