Britain Yearly Meeting works on behalf of all Quakers in Britain to strengthen the Quaker community, speak out in the world and promote peace, justice, equality and sustainability. You can support this work by giving money or time.

Give money

The most cost effective way to give to BYM is by making a payment direct into our bank account - as a one-off gift or regular standing order. Please email for details of how to do this. You can find out about other ways to give including online donations on the Give money page. You can also download the Contribution 2021 leaflet (PDF) and Contribution 2021 giving form (PDF) which contains a Gift Aid Form.

Give time

There are many opportunities to get involved with the work we do on behalf of Quakers in Britain, including serving on committees, volunteering at events and joining the Quaker Life Network. You can call 020 7663 1121 for more information.