Quaker Peace & Social Witness correspondents keep their local meeting informed about national and grassroots Quaker work on peace and social justice issues.

Quaker Peace & Social Witness correspondents serve as the official link between their local meeting and the staff of Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW).

Correspondents are nominated by their local meeting. Once QPSW is informed of the new appointment, the correspondent receives the QPSW correspondents email newsletter five times per year. The primary role of the correspondent is to circulate witness news and opportunities for involvement within their local meeting.


An introduction to Quaker Peace & Social Witness

A short introduction to the different areas of QPSW work. It can be read online or printed off for reference.

Quakers find that their experience of worship leads them to try to change the world for the better. Quaker Peace & Social Witness offer local meetings resources and support that helps them to deepen their witness. QPSW also works on peace and social justice issues at a national and international level.

QPSW correspondents ensure that their meeting is aware of the work that QPSW do on their behalf, and keep Quakers informed about current actions, opportunities, and resources.

About the role

Each local meeting elects one correspondent to keep the meeting up-to-date with the work of Quaker Peace & Social Witness, the social action team within Britain Yearly Meeting. Quakers shape QPSW work on peace, climate change, migration, social justice and inequality and relies on their practical involvement.

The chief responsibility of the correspondent is to circulate news that comes in an email update from Quaker Peace & Social Witness. QPSW correspondents share this news in whatever form best suits the meeting's needs – whether that's by making announcements after worship, forwarding the email on, or printing copies for people to read.

The email is sent every two months and serves as a digest of recent work relating to peace campaigning, economic and climate justice, and international peacebuilding. Practical ways for meetings to support the work are included in each update.

Examples of correspondent work:

The correspondent can also represent their local meeting at the annual QPSW Spring Conference, at Yearly Meeting Gathering, and at the Quaker Activist Gathering. Correspondents are also invited to send QPSW news of what the meeting is already doing to put faith into action.

View the autumn 2019 edition of the QPSW correspondents mailing.

We are happy for meetings to make use of a PowerPoint slideshow produced by QPSW to introduce programmed work as of 2020. View the Introduction to QPSW PowerPoint presentation. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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To update the QPSW correspondent record for your meeting, contact:

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