Quakers have kept records faithfully since the very beginning of the Society. A meeting's library can be an excellent resource for those wishing to find out more about Quakerism or keep abreast of our faith and practice.

In addition to running the Library and archives of the Society of Friends, Library staff at Friends House provide advice and guidance to Friends who are responsible for their own meeting libraries and records.

An outline of who is responsible for this work at a local and area meeting level and how it links to the work of the Library at Friends House in London is given in Quaker faith & practice 4.39–4.44 (records) and Quaker faith & practice 13.41–13.42 (libraries).

For further advice and support on the given information please contact the Library of the Religious Society of Friends.

Resources for librarians and custodians

    Meeting librarians

    The Library at Friends House can provide professional advice and guidance to help Friends run their meeting library. We have produced a series of guides, including an outline of the job, guidance on book selection, cataloguing and disposal of unwanted books, equipment, caring for collections, and promoting the meeting library. The guides are available to download below. Email library@quaker.org.uk for more information.

    Role of meeting librarian (PDF)

    Selection and acquisition (PDF)

    Cataloguing and arranging (PDF)

    Equipment for a meeting library (PDF)

    Caring for your books (PDF)

    Promoting the meeting library (PDF)

    Online resources for meeting librarians (PDF)

    Disposing of unwanted books (PDF)

    Records custodians

    The Library at Friends House can provide professional advice and guidance on the creation, custody and use of Quaker records. Below are guides that provide information on the role of records custodian, the retention and disposal of records, and depositing records with appropriate repositories, among other topics.

    Safeguarding records

    Important message on safeguarding records retention from Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: https://www.iicsa.org.uk/key-documents/115/view/20...

    Voluntary Sector Toolkit for records management


    The National Archives useful guide to archiving & retention for charities


    Guides for meetings

    Role of Records Custodian (Word)

    Creation of Records (PDF)

    Minutes and Papers (PDF)

    Electronic Records (PDF)

    Preservation and storage of records and archives (PDF)

    Use and access to records and archives (PDF)

    Depositing archives with appropriate repositories (PDF)

    Disaster Planning (PDF)

    Records equipment and suppliers (PDF)

    Records Retention (PDF)

    Retention schedules (PDF)

    Example Retention Schedule (PDF)

    Cloud services (PDF)

    Please contact Lisa McQuillan via email: lisam@quaker.org.uk or via phone: 020 7663 1127 for information and advice.

    Contact us

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