Area meeting safeguarding coordinators are there to support children, young people and adults with care and support needs. They help to make sure that area meeting safeguarding policy and procedures are followed, and encourage good practice. They may have to act independently in reporting concerns of abuse to statutory authorities.

Safeguarding in local meetings and at area meeting events is the responsibility of area meeting trustees. It is good practice to have one trustee who leads on safeguarding - otherwise this is the clerk of trustees.

A safeguarding coordinator and a deputy should be appointed in each area meeting. They do not need to be members of the Society of Friends.

All local meetings should understand how this role is being carried out within the area meeting.

If someone is in immediate danger, do not delay. Call the police/emergency services on 999, or call NSPCC (for children) on 0808 800 5000, straightaway.

Please contact with any changes to safeguarding co-ordinators/deputies or for DBS verifiers or to ask for a second verifier account.

Advice and support



    Safeguarding advice and guidance for Quaker meetings is available on this page, and these:

    BYM's main Safeguarding page
    I have a concern about abuse
    Records Checks: DBS and PVG
    Children and young people's work: BYM policy and procedure

    Quaker safeguarding documents

    A store of documents is available here: BYM Q-Groups: Safeguarding documents and resources

    Britain Yearly Meeting staff have prepared new model safeguarding documents, which follow modern good practice from the specialist safeguarding organisation Thirtyone:eight (offsite link), adapted to the Quaker context. The documents are now available on the 'Safeguarding' page.

    Safeguarding e-newsletter

    We send out a regular e-newsletter to safeguarding coordinators and others who are interested. It is free to subscribe to and open to anyone. We encourage each trustee body to have at least one member subscribed. To subscribe, send your request to the Safeguarding Officer at


    All local and area meeting safeguarding enquiries should initially be directed to Thirtyone:eight.


    You can visit Thirtyone:eight's own website.

    This specialist organisation offers professional advice, support and training for Quaker local and area meetings on all areas of safeguarding and safe practice. This includes:

    • A telephone helpline 0303 003 11 11 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) plus an out of hours service for urgent calls, or by email All advice is confirmed in writing. Callers receive expert advice and support, including:
      • Policy and practice guidance
      • Responding to and managing allegations of abuse
      • Management of offenders in places of worship and elsewhere
      • Issues such as past abuse or re-offending
    • A website with useful resources about safeguarding.
    • A members-only area of their website with up-to-date information including an online manual about best practice, booklets and videos.
    • A regular email newsletter to keep you up-to-date and compliant.
    • A service to review your safeguarding policy and procedures.
    • Training, Consultancy and a Crisis Management service.

    What if my area meeting is not a member of Thirtyone:eight?
    Your area meeting trustees would need to let you know what arrangements they have made for you to obtain general and specific advice on safeguarding matters. Staff in Quaker Life cannot fulfil this role.

    BYM Safeguarding Officer

    Britain Yearly Meeting's Safeguarding Officer can give you support on the Quaker context for safeguarding, support with being a safeguarding co-ordinator, further documents, frequent questions, and pastoral support for role-holders. See the contacts below.

    Criminal Records Checks: DBS/PVG

    Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC) is the organisation that process criminal records check applications for Britain Yearly Meeting and Quaker meetings.

    Visit the BYM webpage on Records Check: DBS/PVG

    Training and events


    Quaker Life cooperates with Woodbrooke to provide periodic training on the Quaker aspects of being an area meeting safeguarding co-ordinator.

    General training for safeguarding coordinators is provided by Thirtyone:eight who provide events throughout the year at a variety of locations. They can arrange training at your meeting house/venue. One model that has worked very well is for an area meeting to invite two or three people from each local meeting to a training run by Thirtyone:eight, at a meeting house.

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    Contact us

    All local and area meeting safeguarding enquiries should initially be directed to:

    0303 003 11 11 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm plus out of hours for urgent calls)

    Britain Yearly Meeting's Safeguarding Officer can also give support on the Quaker context for safeguarding, support with being a safeguarding co-ordinator, sample documents, and pastoral support for role-holders.

    020 7663 1103

    Write to for changes to safeguarding co-ordinator/deputies, and for DBS verifiers or to ask for a second verifier account.