This page is to help Friends involved in property matters in their meetings.


Property advice sheets

These advice sheets provide general information only. Regulations change over time so treat the sheets as guidance only – they are not a substitute for professional advice.

Property advice e-group

This group operates to support Friends involved in looking after meeting houses and other property held by Friends. It is open to anyone to join. You don't need to be an expert to be a member. Some members have specialist knowledge of property management. Other members are, for instance, local Friends who sit on meeting house premises committees.

Group members can ask questions, seek assistance and guidance from the group by email. Any question or request for information, and the response, is sent automatically to all group members – encouraging ideas and knowledge sharing.

Topics discussed include:

  • redundancy, demolition,
  • sale, lease, purchase,
  • alteration, extensions, historic buildings and
  • repair and maintenance of existing buildings and new buildings.

Advice offered by group members is informal. The ultimate decision on any matter will rest with the local Friends concerned.

To join the property advice e-group, visit the property advice e-group online subscription webpage.

Meeting House Funds

The Meeting House Funds provide financial assistance to meetings for:

  • carrying out improvements to their meeting houses, including warden's accommodation
  • acquiring and developing new premises
  • supporting substantial repairs to historic meeting houses

Application forms for help from Meeting Houses Funds are available from Malgosia Barczyk 020 7663 1097

Quaker Meeting House Heritage Project

This project is a national survey of Quaker meeting houses commissioned by Quakers in Britain and Historic England. Reports for individual meeting house and a national overview can be found on the Heritage Project website.

Contact us

Helen Griffith
Supporting Quaker Stewardship Committee
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