This page is to help Friends involved in property matters in their meetings.


Property advice sheets

These advice sheets provide general information only. Regulations change over time so treat the sheets as guidance only – they are not a substitute for professional advice.

Property advice cluster*

Friends on the Quaker Life Network property advice cluster advise on property matters relating to redundancy, demolition, sale, lease, purchase, alteration, extensions, historic buildings repair and maintenance of existing buildings and new buildings belonging to Quaker meetings.

Requests may lead to:

  • A collated response from various members of the Cluster who have made suggestions
  • Telephone or email contact with someone who can offer appropriate support
  • A meeting visit from someone who can offer advice

At each of these stages suggestions may be made as to where appropriate advice can be sought if it is not via the Cluster.

Advice to meetings will be given on the basis of being offered by Friends with experience but not necessarily experts. The ultimate decision will rest with the trustees of the area meeting concerned.

Do you have qualifications or experience in property matters that would be useful to Friends and Meetings? Please consider joining the Quaker Life Network Property Advice Cluster. You will receive emails with the queries received and respond to those where you have comment or advice to offer.

Please send requests for help from the QLN Property Advice Cluster or offers to serve on it to Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of the page).

* Clusters are groups of Quaker Life Network members that are brought together by common interest. Each one runs slightly differently depending on need.

Meeting House Funds

The Meeting House Funds provide financial assistance to meetings for:

  • carrying out improvements to their meeting houses, including warden's accommodation
  • acquiring and developing new premises
  • supporting substantial repairs to historic meeting houses

Application forms for help from Meeting Houses Funds are available from Malgosia Barczyk 020 7663 1097

Quaker Meeting House Heritage Project

This project is a national survey of Quaker meeting houses commissioned by Quakers in Britain and Historic England. Reports for individual meeting house and a national overview can be found on the Heritage Project website.

Contact us

Helen Griffith
Supporting Quaker Stewardship Committee
020 7663 1161