Quaker Week 2018 runs from Saturday 29 September to Sunday 7 October.

'Room for more' is the theme of this year's Quaker Week. Meetings are invited to explore what that means to them in every sense.

As Quakers we offer a table already rich with good things, but we recognise that it is incomplete. What's missing from the table? How can we let people know that there's a space for them? How might we show people that their unique perspectives enhance that space?

We want everyone to bring and share. There is room for more at the table, and we value everyone who might sit at it. Our gathering around that table enriches us all.

Quaker Week events

Find out what other meetings are doing this year by visiting our local Quaker events page, or browsing this interactive map. Events planned include bring and share evenings, theatrical performances, Heritage Open Days, talks, and vigils.

View this map in new window. Click here for an accessible list of all events.

Is your event missing? Add it using our local outreach submission form.

Tips for planning a Quaker Week event

  1. Consider your audience. Think about what kind of event will feel interesting and welcoming for people in your wider community. Ideas to get you started include a bring and share evening, a family film screening, a meeting for worship, or a history tour.
  2. Book a speaker. Talks are great for livening things up. Many BYM staff are available to give talks during Quaker Week. Topics include Quaker history, Quaker faith, and Quaker work relating to peace, sustainability, and equality. Contact speakers@quaker.org.uk to find out more.
  3. Put up posters. Free 'room for more' posters are available in English and Welsh. Printed to an A2 size, they are designed to be easy to read from a distance - perfect for outside your meeting house. You can also put up posters and flyers about your event on local noticeboards and in shop windows .
  4. Publicise your event online. Submit the details of your event using this form and it will appear on the interactive map above. Publish and promote the event locally through your meeting's Facebook page. Include details on your meeting's website.
  5. Inform local reporters. Send information about your event to local newspapers and radio stations. BYM Press Officer Anne van Staveren can help meetings arrange interviews to publicse events. Contact her on 020 7663 1048 or at annev@quaker.org.uk.

Outreach resources

If you are not sure how to introduce Quaker faith to enquirers, the information on this website may be useful. Find simple descriptions of how we worship, what we do, how we are organised and how people can become a Quaker. Visit the About Quakers page.


Outreach is for me an invitation to others to join us in our way of worship and response to life which are so important to us that we wish to share them... It does not depend on rewards or threats, but on the active acceptance of those who see it as truth.

Edrey Allott, 1990, Quaker faith & practice 28.09


Outreach email newsletter

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Outreach Facebook group

The Quaker Life Network Social media Cluster is Facebook group for Quakers running social media account s on behalf of their meeting or Quaker organisation. Friends share insights and ask questions on best practice. Join the cluster on Facebook.

Outreach materials

Leaflets for newcomers, enquirers and Quaker communities are available to meetings through the Quaker Centre Bookshop and online downloads. View the materials on offer and place an order.

Weekend events for newcomers

These weekend events are for people who know little or nothing about Quakers, and for those who have been around Quakers a while and want to explore further. Share them with people curious about core Quaker beliefs, who wish to experience Quaker worship and hear from Quakers how they live their lives.

Experienced facilitators from the Quaker Quest (offsite link) team guide these events. They encourage attendees to reflect, ask questions and share thoughts with others. Details about Charney Manor events here (offsite link).

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