Quaker Week 2020 runs from 2–11 October.

'Living as a Quaker today' is the theme of this year's Quaker Week. How does being a Quaker shape your life? Can you share that story with others? What does it mean to live as a Quaker: at home, at work, in school, in activism, in meeting, in community?

Getting involved this Quaker Week

Quaker Week is a time to celebrate Quaker work, faith and community. No matter who you are you can get involved! Individuals can use social media to share and connect using #QuakerWeek and #QuakerStories.

How does being a Quaker shape your life and actions? Post a picture and share your own story, or post about a contemporary or historical Quaker who inspires you. Visit the #QuakerStories hashtag on Instagram to see what others are saying.

Quaker meetings, schools and other Quaker venues can take this opportunity to put on a public event. The lead up to Quaker Week might be a time for your community to reflect; what does it mean for us to live as Quakers today? See Being Friends Together, particularly step 1, 2 and 3 on the 'Knowing Each Other in the Things that are Eternal...and Everyday' path way for support doing this.

Outreach resources

If you are not sure how to introduce Quaker faith to enquirers, the information on this website may be useful. Find simple descriptions of how we worship, what we do, how we are organised and how people can become a Quaker. Visit the About Quakers page.


Outreach is for me an invitation to others to join us in our way of worship and response to life which are so important to us that we wish to share them... It does not depend on rewards or threats, but on the active acceptance of those who see it as truth.
Edrey Allott, 1990, Quaker faith & practice 28.09


Outreach materials

Leaflets for newcomers, enquirers and Quaker communities are available to meetings through the Quaker Centre Bookshop and online downloads. View the materials on offer and place an order.

Outreach Facebook group

The Quaker Life Network Social Media Cluster is a Facebook group for Quakers running social media accounts on behalf of their meeting or Quaker organisation. Friends share insights and ask questions on best practice. Join the cluster on Facebook.

Weekend events for newcomers

These weekend events are for people who know little or nothing about Quakers, and for those who have been around Quakers a while and want to explore further. Share them with people curious about core Quaker beliefs, who wish to experience Quaker worship and hear from Quakers about how they live their lives.

Experienced facilitators from the Quaker Quest (offsite link) team guide these events. They encourage attendees to reflect, ask questions and share thoughts with others. Details about Charney Manor events here (offsite link).

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