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    Quaker Week

    Quaker Week provides an opportunity each year for Quaker meetings to focus on outreach, on helping people to find us and sharing our faith with others. It is a time when we find ways to connect with others and celebrate Quaker work, faith and community.

    The current pandemic has meant that in-person meetings have been intermittent and it does not feel the right moment to plan physical outreach activities over a specific week. We have therefore decided to 'pause' the official Quaker Week for this year and, instead, focus on providing support for the outreach activities that Quaker meetings are undertaking at this time – be this through Zoom, social media or whatever in-person activities are possible given the changing levels of Covid-19 restrictions.

    Preparation for outreach

    When preparing for outreach, it might be a time for your community to reflect; what does it mean for us to live as Quakers today? See Being Friends Together, particularly step 1, 2 and 3 on the 'Knowing Each Other in the Things that are Eternal...and Everyday' pathway for support doing this.

    If you are not sure how to introduce Quaker faith to enquirers, the information on the About Quaker's page may be helpful. Find simple descriptions of how we worship, what we do, how we are organised and how people can become a Quaker.


    Outreach is for me an invitation to others to join us in our way of worship and response to life which are so important to us that we wish to share them... It does not depend on rewards or threats, but on the active acceptance of those who see it as truth.

    Edrey Allott, 1990, Quaker faith & practice 28.09


    Outreach materials

    There are two pages on this website where you can browse and download digital outreach material:

    If you need paper copies of materials, please get in touch at outreach@quaker.org.uk. and we will try to send out postal copies.

    Outreach Facebook group

    The Quaker Life Network Social Media Cluster is a Facebook group for Quakers running social media accounts on behalf of their meeting or Quaker organisation. Friends share insights and ask questions on best practice. Join the cluster on Facebook.


    Woodbrooke have organised a range of online worship opportunities during the last year. Visit the Woodbrooke worship page for information. It's an ideal space for enquirers and many first-time worshippers attend.

    The Quaker Way Woodbrooke course is for those relatively new to Quakers who wish to find out more.

    Quaker Quest

    The in-person sessions of Quaker Quest at Friends House are currently suspended. However, a lively Zoom session is available from 7–8.30pm every Monday evening. Enquirers can sign up through Meet Up. Quakers interested in setting up this sort of outreach activity can get in touch with Zoom Quaker Quest at zoomquakerquest@gmail.com. They will be welcome to arrange to come along to a session to observe and get ideas for their own outreach initiatives.

    Other outreach initiatives

    Various other outreach initiatives are in the pipeline. Those wishing to be involved can contact: info@discoveringquakers.org.uk.

    Share your stories with us

    We are always keen to hear from Quakers about different outreach ideas and initiatives. Please do get in touch to tell us what you're planning, and especially what you've experimented with during lockdown and what online outreach can look like. You can get in touch via outreach@quaker.org.uk.

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