Quaker Life Central Committee has a Representative Council which is made up of representatives from every area meeting. The Council provides a two-way channel of communication with Friends in their meetings, the main purposes being educational, inspirational and consultative.


Quaker Life Representative role description

The council meets for two weekend gatherings a year where a combination of workshops and group sessions provides members with the space to engage with issues relating to Quaker Life work.

Please refer to Quaker faith & practice 8.09–8.10 (offsite link) for more details about Quaker Life Representative Council.

The supplementary information below may be helpful to new representatives and to those involved in nominating Quaker Life representatives:

Quaker Life Representative Council 13-15 October 2017

(Shape Shifting – New Models of Quaker Meeting and Community)

Rep Council October 2017 Programme

Travel Directions to Woodbrooke

Please contact qladmin@quaker.org.uk with any queries.

We look forward to seeing you at Representative Council in October.

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Committee Secretary & Support Officer
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