Working in a variety of settings, including prisons, universities and hospitals, Quaker chaplains offer friendship and spiritual advice to people of all faiths and none.

They often minister to the most vulnerable in society, such as those without the support of friends and family. This vital form of ministry also helps to establish a visible presence for the life, work and witness of Quakers in a wide range of communities.

Quaker Life supports and seeks to strengthen Quaker chaplaincy by providing information, training, conferences, and opportunities for development and networking.

To find out more about any of the information given on this page please contact:

Marleen Schepers
Chaplaincy Support Officer
020 7663 1143

More support for Quaker chaplains


    A brief guide to Quaker chaplaincy

    A guide for Quaker area and local meetings and Friends considering becoming a chaplain. It provides an introduction to chaplaincy in a wide variety of settings and considers some themes and experiences common to Quaker chaplaincy.



    Quaker Life can arrange for a speaker to visit your meeting and provide an overview of chaplaincy, or prison chaplaincy and Britain Yearly Meeting's support for it.

    Prison Chaplaincy

    The historic Quaker concern for prisons continues today through the contribution of Quakers working within prison chaplaincy teams.

    "I love the work. I hope to use the gold cards to explain what a Quaker is. I've had a few porridge comments so I've made a badge with the Quaker Oats man on it and the words - Quakers. More than a pile of porridge. It gets a laugh and starts a conversation" A current QPC

    The Quaker Prison Chaplains Committee (QPCC) is active within the context of overall Quaker Life work in support of Quaker chaplaincy. The committee provides training, networking and support for QPCs.

    Training and events

    Training for prison chaplains

    Provided by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in partnership with the Quaker Prison Chaplains' Committee.

    This training is open to those Friends who are considering taking up prison chaplaincy, to all Quaker prison chaplains and to Quaker chaplains working in other secure environments, i.e. secure hospitals, detention centres, immigration removal centres etc. It is suitable for both new and more experienced chaplains, regardless of how much time they spend on chaplaincy work. It will cover the Quaker basis for prison ministry, practical issues, building trusting relationships and training and support for your ministry.

    We will update this page to let you know when the next training will take place.

    Quaker Prison Chaplains Annual Conference

    This is an annual opportunity for Quaker prison chaplains to meet, share and learn from each other. The conference is open to newly appointed chaplains as well as those who have been in the role for many years. Attendees can expect sharing, networking, workshops and worship. It is held annually at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and usually takes place over a weekend.

    A decision will be made about whether to hold the next QPC conference soon. Please check back here for further details.

    Chaplaincy online course

    This course is developed by Quaker Life and Woodbrooke and runs with experienced Quaker chaplains as tutors.

    • The next Online Quaker chaplaincy course will be in autumn 2020, see quaker chaplaincy
    • Are you a Quaker chaplain in hospital, prison, school or university or in any other work or community setting? Or considering starting chaplaincy? This online course will be an opportunity for sharing, supporting and developing your ministry. We will explore the connections between different settings. Over the six weeks of this course, we will encourage you to take a couple of hours a week to reflect on your work, share your experiences, ideas and insights, and come away refreshed.

    Chaplaincy Retreat

    Will happen again in 2021 - no dates yet.

    This weekend retreat will provide the opportunity for Quaker chaplains working in any setting (prison, education, hospital or others) to reflect, relax and reconnect with our spiritual foundation. We will use a mix of creative listening, the labyrinth, journalling and a range of spiritual practices to provide opportunities to recharge our batteries and remind ourselves why we do this important work. This weekend is not a training event and may not be suitable for people with no chaplaincy experience.

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    Chaplains Support Officer
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