Quaker Life support Quaker meetings, as employers, and their employees (often wardens). We offer advice and guidance on best employment practice and provide access to relevant sources of information.


Employing meetings and wardens are reminded that there are laws detailing the formal rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees. Quaker Life can provide up-to-date information.

- - Quaker faith & practice 13.36


An integral part of Quaker life, wardens are entrusted with paying attention to all those details that make for conditions conducive to worship and welcome. Many Quaker meetings appoint wardens, resident Friends, caretakers, managers or volunteers to manage or work in meeting house premises and grounds.

We arrange training and workshops on wardenship and employment issues and provide support and advice for specific issues. The advice and guidance in the following resources is to help Quaker meetings be the best employers that they can be.

What does Quaker Life offer to employers?


    Quaker employers' resource

    Essential information to be a good and legally-compliant employer, including some information on engaging volunteer resident wardens and on engaging self-employed people.

    (December 2018 version)


    Quaker faith & practice

    Quaker faith & practice 13.33–13.40 concerns wardens, resident Friends and caretakers, who may be employees of the meeting. The latest (fifth) edition of Quaker faith & practice can be read on its dedicated site.

    Employers' resource and template documents

    The employers' resource provides information for Quaker employers and employees, including key obligations, frequently asked questions and downloadable template documents.




    Wardenship and employment advice

    Quaker Life offers telephone support, advice and information to wardens and to Quaker meetings that are employers. Please see the 'contact us' section below for details.

    Wardenship e-group

    Wardens, resident Friends, caretakers, volunteers, employers and all who are concerned with wardenship are invited to join an email group that allows members to share ideas and information. To join the conversation to give and receive support please subscribe to the wardenship e-group.

    Quaker Centres' Facebook group

    This online space for staff and trustees of Quaker Centres in Britain enables them to share information with one another, explore problems and celebrate successes. Visit the Quaker Centres' Facebook group to find out more.

    Training and events

    Managing our Meeting Houses

    This is an annual course provided by Quaker Life in partnership with Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. Email: enquiries@woodbrooke.org.uk or phone 0121 472 5171 for more information.

    The next Managing our Meeting Houses event takes place at Woodbrooke, Monday, 2 to Wednesday, 4 September 2019.

    Wardens Talking

    Wardens' Talking regional events are organised each year to enable employees and volunteers who care for meeting houses to meet up and share experiences and ideas.

    Dates and venues for events in 2019 will be available early in 2019.

    Check www.quaker.org.uk/events or contact wardenship@quaker.org.uk for the latest information.

    Working with Friends

    This introduction to working in a Quaker organisation is provided by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in partnership with Britain Yearly Meeting. For more information, visit www.woodbrooke.org.uk, email enquiries@woodbrooke.org.uk or phone 0121 472 5171.

    Contact us

    020 7663 1007