Volunteers are key to Quaker work with children and young people. Find out how to offer and get help with Quaker events for children and young people.

Do you want to volunteer at young Quakers' events?

To stay updated about events at which you can volunteer, please fill in this online form. You will be sent information about volunteering opportunities for the following year in the autumn.

Volunteer for national events for children and young people in 2022

Being on a team at a CYP event gives you the chance to be part of a purposeful Quaker community, to develop your skills, to contribute to Quakers in Britain and to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Find out about the events being planned for Quaker children and young people in 2022 (Summary of events 2022 PDF). Please read the detailed role outline for each event which explains what will be expected of you. 

To 'offer service' please complete the form (online offer of service form). Even if you have volunteered before you still need to complete the form. This includes stating which events you would like to be on a team for (please then keep the dates of these free until the end of January). The DBS and reference sections of the form are essential for Britain Yearly Meeting's safer recruitment policy. 

We may not be able to take up every offer of service.  

Contact us

If you would like to be sent an offer of service form please contact the CYP administrator, 0207 663 1013, cypadmin@quaker.org.uk.

We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your offer.