Quaker Stewardship Committee gives help, guidance and active monitoring to meet the requirements of charity law in the stewardship of finance and property, encouraging openness, accountability, transparency and integrity in all our affairs. (from Qfp 14.38)


Advice and support for trustees and treasurers

A brief outline how Quaker Stewardship Committee can help role holders in meetings.

Link Friends

Each area meeting and other meetings in a particular area are personally linked to a member of the committee – a 'Link Friend'.

Your Link Friend will

  • Build up a knowledge of your meeting
  • Provide a listening ear
  • Provide help, advice and support with the assistance of other members of QSC and staff at Friends House

Help can be offered by

  • Email or phone
  • Informal visit to talk with a group managing change
  • More formal visit to talk with the area meeting

Link Friends will

  • Receive copies of the relevant annual report and accounts which are submitted to Friends House each year
  • Bring significant concerns about issues within meetings to the attention of QSC as a whole

Neil Jarvis can put you in touch with your Link Friend.

Area meetings' reports and accounts

Area meetings and certain other bodies within Britain Yearly Meeting should send their annual report and accounts to Quaker Stewardship Committee as requested by Quaker faith & practice 4.10m (offsite link) via Neil Jarvis.

Other relevant pages

Advices & queries on Quaker Stewardship

  • Does your meeting have a sense of spiritual strength and community?
  • Is there a feeling of mutual accountability?
  • Do those taking responsibility feel supported?

Clerks, elders and overseers, all those involved in the nominations process, trustees and treasurers can use the Advices & queries on Quaker Stewardship (PDF) to help reflection on how well they work together, to share responsibility and leadership.

QSC effectiveness survey

Quaker Stewardship Committee recently asked area meetings about the effectiveness of its work. Here are the survey results and responses (PDF).

Quaker Meeting House Heritage Project

This project is a national survey of Quaker meeting houses commissioned by Quakers in Britain and Historic England. Reports for individual meeting house and a national overview can be found on the Heritage Project website.

Contact us

Oliver Waterhouse
Staff link with Quaker Stewardship Committee
020 7663 1007