Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) Trustees are responsible for the work, assets and property of the yearly meeting.

The role and responsibilities of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees are describe in more detail Quaker faith & practice Chapter 8 (offsite link).

The 70 area meetings also appoint trustees at local level. There is a separate page for area meeting trustees.

Trustees' annual review, annual report and financial statements

Our faith, our work – Quakers in Britain 2020 review

Minutes and papers

Non-confidential minutes of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees' meetings are available from the Recording Clerk's Office. Please contact Neil Jarvis on 020 7663 1192 or


Current trustees

  • Caroline Nursey (Clerk) (London West Area Meeting)
  • Graham Torr (Assistant Clerk) (York Area Meeting)
  • Linda Batten (ex officio Treasurer) (Sheffield & Balby Area Meeting)
  • Georgina Bailey (London West Area Meeting)
  • Alison Breadon (Wirral & Chester Area Meeting)
  • Jenny Brierley (York)
  • Sarah Donaldson (Manchester & Warrington Area Meeting)
  • Nick Eyre (Lincolnshire Area Meeting)
  • Kate Gulliver (West Scotland)
  • Ellie Harding (Central England Area Meeting)
  • Carolyn Hayman (North West London Area Meeting)
  • Frances Voelcker (North Wales Area Meeting)
  • Danielle Walker Palmour (York Area Meeting)
  • Christine Willmore (Bristol Area Meeting)

Contact us

Caroline Nursey
Clerk of Trustees