How can our central governance evolve and adapt to new challenges while remaining true to that which makes us distinctly Quaker?

Simplifying structures

Britain Yearly Meeting has been on a journey both localy and nationally to discover how we may release energy in our meetings and communities to better allow for the leadings of the spirit. Trustees, who hold some responsibility for our central work asked Yearly Meeting 2023 to consider if it was time to review how our central structures operate.


We are led to create new structures for central work that are more sustainable and more inclusive, and which provide wider opportunities for service, including Friends who do not have a single, long term, geographical base

- Minute 21, Yearly Meeting 2023


The Group to Review Central Structures (GRCS) was set up in response to the decision taken at Yearly Meeting 2023 to "look anew at our structures, including our Central Committees."

It's membership is made up of:

  • An external convenor nominated by the BYM Trustees
  • Trustees
  • QPSW Central Committee members
  • Quaker Life Central Committee members
  • Central Nominations Committee members
  • Meeting for Sufferings Arrangements Group members
  • a representative from Group to Review Yearly Meeting, Yearly Meeting Gathering and Meeting for Sufferings

GRCS will be hosting a Special Interest Meeting ahead of Yearly Meeting 2024 and will then seek to share it's vision for an evolved central structure with Friends ahead of Yearly Meeting 2025.

Contact us

Rhodri Roberts, Secretary to GRCS