Quakers recognise that there is 'that of God in everyone', and this leads us to renounce violence and to work actively for peace.

Over many years Quakers have worked for peace exploring and sharing creative nonviolent approaches to conflict and alternative approaches to violence. We call for grassroots action and political change towards a peaceful, just and sustainable global society. We work with different churches and faith traditions, and we offer a faith voice in secular networks and campaigns.

What we do


    About the Quaker peace testimony

    A downloadable, printable PDF booklet about Quakers and peace, touching upon historical roots and present-day concerns.

    Challenging militarism

    Quakers are working with others to expose and challenge the new tide of militarism. Read more about our work challenging militarism.

    Promoting peace education

    Quakers in Britain challenge the promotion of war and violence and instead promote education rooted in positive peace and justice. We work with educators, volunteers and partners to develop and share creative Peace Education resources and practice.

    Campaigning for nuclear disarmament

    We work with other organisations, policymakers and the public to rid the world of nuclear weapons. We are currently campaigning for the UK government to sign the UN nuclear ban treaty. Read about nuclear disarmament.

    Ending the arms trade

    Quakers work to raise awareness of the human and environmental cost of the arms trade. We work with others to challenge the morality of the trade as a whole and to shine a light on the unethical and sometimes illegal activities of the arms industry. Read about our work ending the arms trade.

    Opposing armed drones

    Quakers in Britain are a founder member of the Drone Campaign Network. We are working to raise public awareness and to take action on the critical issue of drone warfare. Read about our work opposing armed drones.

    Understanding conscientious objection

    For centuries Quakers have objected to war and armed service on grounds of conscience, and fought for the right to conscientious objection. Now we are campaigning for exemption to military taxation for these same reasons. Read about conscientious objection.

    Rethinking Security

    Thinking and planning creatively in relation to safety, security, nonviolence and the role of peace initiatives is an important aspect of Quaker work. Quakers in Britain are a part of the Ammerdown Group, who are practitioners and academics seeking a public conversation in search of a new vision for the future of our common peace and security. Learn more on the Rethinking Security website.

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