Quaker World Relations Committee (QWRC) helps Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) keep in contact with other Quaker meetings and groups abroad, understand their witness, communicate ours, and maintain mutual support.

QWRC liaises with the worldwide Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), and in particular with its Europe and Middle East Section (EMES).


New QWRC factsheet

More information about QWRC in the new factsheet

Six members of QWRC are appointed by Meeting for Sufferings (MfS) for three-year terms. These six will usually attend the FWCC World Plenary Meetings as BYM's representatives.

QWRC reports to BYM Trustees. It meets four times per year.


  • encourages dialogue and exchange of interest between Britain Yearly Meeting and FWCC
  • encourages participation and exchange between Britain Yearly Meeting and other yearly meetings
  • welcomes and supports visitors from around the world to our annual gathering, Yearly Meeting
  • maintains the online QWRC network which helps connect individuals, meetings charities, and staff working on behalf of Quakers in Britain to each other to share international experiences

Join or find out more about the QWRC network by getting in touch with the Committee Secretary, Michael Booth.

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Photo: World Conference of Quakers in Kenya 2012, Photo credit: Trish Carn

Contact us

Michael Booth
QWRC Secretary
020 7663 1023