Peacebuilding in Britain is a relatively new programme for Quakers in Britain.

One of several strands of work for Peacebuilding in Britain is to support Friends to strengthen interfaith relations in their local communities.

It aims to weave community connections that are strong, resilient, and mutually supportive. But also, connections that are joyful and creative. Trusted relationships between communities are especially important during periods of crisis, but these connections take time to build and there can be challenges.

We are keen to hear from Friends who are keen to build and strengthen their relationship with other faiths to build peace in their local community.

Do you have, or would you like to have relationships with other faiths where you live? Can it be tricky? Do local and global issues effect relationships in your local communities?

We would like to invite Friends to be in touch with us. We will also be forming an online interest group for interfaith peacebuilding in Britain, which is open to all Friends.