We believe that together we can raise a stronger voice against injustice. EAPPI in the UK and Ireland is coordinated by Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) on behalf of a number of UK and Irish churches and church-related organisations. We call them our partners.

There are over 25 countries sending EAs. Each country has many partners and in this way a broad network of organisations and faith groups work together to send a wide variety of EAs and host them to bring about change on their return.

Our partners in the UK and Ireland are:

Clicking on the links will take you to our partners' websites where you can find more on their wider work on Israel and occupied Palestine. The views expressed on these websites do not necessarily reflect EAPPI's official policy or position.

In addition we are supported by a number of Anglican bishops in the UK and Ireland who endorse the programme. We also work on the ground with a broad collaboration of local Israeli and Palestinian organisations working toward a just peace as well as locally based international human rights institutions and UN agencies.

Watch a short film made by our partner Christian Aid about their work in Israel and occupied Palestine. It features the work of EAPPI and the situation in Gaza.

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