This page is for Friends who want to help new people find Quaker meetings. We have a range of resources and online network meetings to support Quaker outreach, for Quaker Week and all year round.

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    Pride, festivals and George Fox 400

    We are offering new free resources for Quakers attending Pride events this year. This new blog explores  why being an LGBTQ+ ally matters and why we feel Pride is an important opportunity for a Quaker presence.

    You will be able to order Pride resources from the beginning of April, along with other resources such as badges, banners and t-shirts, that may be useful for any outreach events you are involved in this year.

    Quakers in Wales will have a presence at the Eisteddfod again this year (3-10 August), and some Friends are organising outreach activities at Greenbelt Festival (22-25 August). If you are interested in being involved in either of these events, please contact to be put in touch with the organisers.

    There will also be celebrations throughout 2024 for George Fox 400. If you are thinking of running an event to celebrate Fox's 400th birthday, do contact the national coordinator at

    Quaker Week 2024: 'Simple. Radical. Spiritual.'

    Quaker Week runs every year to help Quaker meetings to attract new people and share their faith.

    In 2024, Quaker Week will be from 28 September to 6 October, with the same theme as last year of 'Simple. Radical. Spiritual.' We will have some new materials, as well as those we offered last year. We're experimenting with having the same theme for two years running as this campaign was very warmly welcomed by Friends and we feel there's still more we can do to explore how this theme can speak to newcomers. New materials will be available to order from July.

    The theme was originally developed by Crynwyr Cymru (Quakers in Wales) and materials are available in both English and Welsh. The English posters and cards have a QR code which links to the Quakers in Britain website. The Welsh resources have a QR code which links to the Crynwyr Cymru (Quakers in Wales) website.

    Outreach resources

    You can order free 'Simple. Radical. Spiritual' posters, A6 postcards, and badges, as well as other leaflets, badges and banners.

    These items are available for sale through the Quaker bookshop. Other badges in three different designs are also available free of charge.

    Packs of outreach resources can be ordered if your stocks of leaflets are running low. They contain:

    • Small: 10 Advices & Queries, 20 contact cards, 30 Simple. Radical. Spiritual cards, 10 of each of the Journeys leaflets (40 total), 5 of each badge design (20 total)
    • Medium: 25 Advices & Queries, 30 contact cards, 60 Simple. Radical. Spiritual cards, 20 of each of the Journeys leaflets (80 total), 10 of each badge design (40 total)
    • Large: 50 Advices & Queries, 50 contact cards, 100 Simple. Radical. Spiritual cards, 30 of each of the Journeys leaflets (120 total), 20 of each badge design (80 total)

    As well as packs, you can also order individual leaflets through the online form.

    Order your outreach resources through this form.

    Other resources

    • T-shirts: A wider range of t-shirts is also available to buy (offsite link). These are responsibly and sustainably sourced from a British supplier. Shirts are priced to reflect the ethical and high-quality nature of the product. Their packaging and products can be recycled.
    • Banners: we have five designs of banners to order directly from our supplier, which can be personalised with the name of your meeting. The available sizes are:
      • 10ft x 4ft / 305cm x 122cm fabric marching banner and pole kit – £160 + VAT
      • 6ft x 3ft / 183cm x 91cm fabric banner – £40 + VAT
      • 4ft x 2ft / 122cm x 61cm fabric banner – £20 + VAT
      Please contact for more information about how to order a banner for your meeting.
    • Leaflets and posters: There are further free outreach resources including a range of leaflets and posters which are available to browse and download, or to order via email We also have general resources which may be of interest.

    Outreach network sessions

    Outreach network sessions run every month, covering a range of topics including welcoming newcomers, running and promoting events, and attracting younger people. They are a chance to connect with other Friends who are interested in outreach, to share ideas and inspiration and to learn more about effective outreach together. You can find information and a link to register on the events page. If you have any questions, email

    Social media and website support sessions

    Are you responsible for your Meeting's website or social media account? There are new drop-in sessions once a month which offer a chance to come and ask questions and share good practice. You can find information and a link to register on the events page.

    Do keep an eye on Quakers in Britain's social media:
    Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on X/Twitter @BritishQuakers.


    Woodbrooke offers a range of courses and online worship opportunities, which can be an ideal space for enquirers and many first-time worshippers to attend. Visit New to Quakers? - Woodbrooke for information (you may like to include this link on your own website).

    World Quaker Day

    World Quaker Day will be held on 6 October 2024. This year FWCC's first 'hybrid' World Plenary will be held from 5 – 12 August, with the theme: Living the Spirit of Ubuntu: Responding with hope to God's call to cherish creation – and one another. This will also be the theme of FWCC's first 'hybrid' World Plenary in 2024.

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