This Light that Pushes Me is a book and exhibition featuring peacebuilders from sub-Saharan Africa. All are Quakers or involved in Quaker work and all have experienced some form of violence. Photographs and personal testimonies trace the journeys that have transformed that suffering into a force for social change.

Peace-builder stories


    This Light that Pushes Me

    'A beautiful book...about the human capacity to give heart and soul to work for non-violent change.' -- Simon Fisher

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    The exhibition has toured the UK and is available to borrow. Read How to Host the Exhibition (PDF).

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    Cecile Nyiramana

    Cecile survived the genocide in Rwanda and brought together women from both sides of the conflict to meet. She says, "Someone can't forgive with a broken heart. We need first to heal our wounds... then start the work of peace and reconciliation."

    Abdul Kamara

    Abdul was captured and tortured by both police and rebels during Sierra Leone's civil war. Later he helped ex-combatants reintegrate into normal life, though they were affiliated with those who tortured him, burnt his house and raped his sister.

    Sizeli Marcelin

    Sizeli lost 95 members of his family in the Rwandan genocide. After the killing, he became involved in trying to stitch his ripped community back together.

    Rose Imbega

    Rose intervened to stop an ethnically-motivated attack in Kenya after overhearing plans being hatched on a public bus.

    Joseph Mamai Makokha

    Joseph survived years of violence on Mt. Elgon in Kenya. After the election violence of 2007-2008 he worked to mediate between ethnic groups to facilitate the peaceful return of the displaced back to their homes.

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