The UK hosted the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October–12 November 2021.

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    Quaker action for COP26

    There was a huge amount of inspiring and creative action from Quakers around Britain in the run up to and during COP26! We heard from Friends in almost every part of the country who organised and supported a wide range of activity, including meetings for worship and vigils, marches and rallies, banner drops, festivals, educational events and interfaith community building.

    Quakers at COP26

    Quakers in Britain at COP26

    Staff from Quakers in Britain were in Glasgow throughout COP26. We worked both inside and outside the conference to push for governments of rich countries to commit to a loss and damage fund for countries already impacted by climate change. We also supported Quaker and interfaith action on a range of climate justice issues.

    For more about what happened at COP, see our statement on the conference outcomes and the Economics and Sustainability Programme Manager, Olivia Hanks's blog about what next.

    What's next?

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    The easiest way to find out about Quakers in Britain work on climate justice, is to sign up to the mailing list for Quaker Faith in Action and tick the box for climate justice.

    Quaker Climate Action database

    We know many Quakers took action for the UN climate talks – COP26 – last year and you will be continuing to take action against climate breakdown this year. To celebrate this and help connect you, we have now launched our database sharing information about Quaker climate action around the UK!

    Please email to request the link to the database and the password to open it.

    To submit your own entry to the database about action you are taking individually, in your meeting or in a local group, please fill in this form.

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