The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October–12 November 2021. Quakers are undertaking various actions in the run up to COP26. Please see below for information and to get involved.

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    Countdown to COP26

    We've put together a timeline of actions in the run up to the UN climate talks in Glasgow from 1–12 November 2021 – COP26. We'll be keeping the timeline updated as we receive new information about events and actions we think Quakers would like to know about so check back regularly for updates!

    Walk (part of the way) to COP26!

    As part of the build-up to the UN climate talks (COP26) in Glasgow in November, several different pilgrimages are planned. Groups of people of faith have walked to COP conferences before, including the 'Pilgrimage to Paris' in 2015 – it can be an effective way to raise the profile of climate action, talk to lots of different people, build solidarity and gather support for your aims.

    We are aware of three pilgrimage-style actions that Friends are involved in – we hope you might join one (or more!) of them.

    Rise to the Moment relay

    Quaker Peace & Social Witness is supporting the 'Rise to the Moment' relay to COP26, which is led by a group of young Christians and has the backing of Christian Aid, the interfaith Make COP Count group and several UK churches. Its focus is on calling on the UK government to work with others to cancel the debts of the world's poorest countries and commit to providing more climate finance and new sources of money to deal with climate-related loss and damage.

    The relay left St Ives in Cornwall on 13 June as the G7 summit concluded, and is making its way to Glasgow via cities including Exeter, Bristol, London, Birmingham, Manchester, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh. You can get involved by walking part of the route, hosting others, or helping to organise logistics or local actions along the route. The relay is open to anyone, whether or not you are a young Christian! To sign up or find out more, visit or email Oonagh at

    Quaker relay pilgrimage to COP26

    Peter Belton, a Friend in Norwich, is calling on Quakers to join a Quaker relay pilgrimage by travelling from one meeting house or place of worship to another in the direction of Glasgow. Each participating Friend would be asked to carry a letter addressed to some person of influence stressing the need for action and a real commitment to change. These letters would be posted at each destination, ensuring a constant flow of letters arriving during the whole period of the pilgrimage. For Friends wanting to participate in the Young Christian Climate Network Relay to COP26 also, there are plenty of opportunities to join up with the route for this. To get involved, please email

    Art & Ecology Scottish Pilgrimage for COP26

    Friends in Scotland are participating in a walk from Dunbar to Glasgow, working with cultural, community and interfaith organisations to reimagine what it means to be ecological. The pilgrimage will start in Dunbar on 18 October, with talks and exhibitions to mark the occasion, and will arrive in Glasgow for a series of events on 30–31 October, with a significant stop in Edinburgh from 22–24 October. To find out more and get involved, visit

    Quaker Climate Action database

    We are creating an online database (through the freely accessible online Microsoft Suite – we will share more details about how to access this later). The database will be a place for Quakers to share information about the action you are taking and your contact details. We will then make this publicly available for other Quakers to access so you can read about one another's actions and get in touch with each other directly. We are very conscious that as a team of part-time staff, we can often end up as bottlenecks and we want to try to reduce that!

    So if you are taking action against climate breakdown and want to let other Quakers know about this, please email with:

    • a paragraph about the action you've been taking
    • the name of the local/area meeting or group that you're in (if you are in one – we can also add individuals to the database if you would like to connect with others)
    • any relevant websites with information about your action and/or group
    • your name and contact details (or those of your nominated contact(s))

    Featured blog

    Journey to COP26: an inner journey

    16 April 2021 by Bernie and Lawrence Jordan

    Bernie and Lawrence Jordan reflect on their Journey to COP26 into the caves under the Yorkshire Dales.

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