Individuals who regularly attend Quaker meetings are known as attenders. Regular attenders may come to feel that the time is right for them to join The Religious Society of Friends in Britain (Quakers). Members might be referred to as 'Friends'.


Coming into membership is a two-sided process involving the individual on their spiritual journey and a whole community of faith. The individual may be represented or supported by a parent, guardian or advocate. It is a process of discernment...

- Qf&p 11.05


Quakers become members of the area meeting that the local meeting that they attend is part of. Members and attenders are encouraged to play a part in Quaker activities – contributing time, energy, skills and money. They may also be asked to actively participate by taking on a particular role or joining a local or national committee.

Details of how to become a member of the Religious Society of Friends can be found in chapter 11 (Qf&p). The process varies in different area meetings so area meeting clerks' will be able to advise how to apply.

Find on this page specific resources that relate to membership that are not available within Quaker faith & practice or from other sources.

Certificates for transfer of membership and acceptance

When people move meetings, generally, their membership is moved to their new meeting. Details of how to do this can be found in chapter 11 (Qf&p). Below are two forms that area meetings use to record and process the change.

Please inform the Database Team in Quaker Communications and Services of any membership transfers or changes by emailing:

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