For people who work with Quakers aged 11 to 18. Quaker Life children and young people's work staff team have developed a range of ideas, activities and resources to help engagement with Quaker young people at meetings and in other settings.

All of the resources that are listed here are free and available for use with young people in a Quaker context.

Use the links provided to download the resources. If you would like to ask for paper copies of any of these resources please contact the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013.

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Resources young people's work for ages 11 to 18

    Journeys in the Spirit

    Youth work edition

    The youth work edition of Journeys in the Spirit provides a range of ideas to use with young people aged 12 to 18 in a Quaker context. Each issue explores a theme. It was produced in magazine format with all the activities in one A4 booklet and is available from

    The activities are written and presented to fit with the structure of a variety of youth events and activities. From link groups and weekends to week-long residential events to Sunday morning youth activities, each issue is packed with ideas for exploring a theme in a range of ways.

    Quaker Youth Work Handbook

    This handbook is for those involved in Quaker work with young people aged 12 to 18, or seeking to start new work for young Quakers.

    This might include residential events of a variety of lengths as well as young people's meetings, after-school clubs and evening activities.

    It is equally aimed at those already involved as those wanting to start a new event.

    It sets out the basics of Quaker work with young people, from the purpose of youth work, to planning events and best practices.

    The handbook is available to Friends and to meetings by contacting the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    Living our Beliefs

    'Living Our Beliefs' is a small book exploring the faith and practice of Quakers. It has been complied and edited in partnership with young Quakers and includes the thoughts and feelings of young people from across Britain. Available as an ebook or for purchase from the Quaker Centre Bookshop. We hope that this book helps you to find out more about Quakers and how they worship and live out their faith in their lives day by day.

    Living as a Quaker

    Living as a Quaker is a six session programme providing facilitators with all they need to support young people exploring their Quaker identity, beliefs, values and interactions with others.

    • The first two sessions consider Quakerism, exploring young people's understanding of their values and beliefs and of the testimonies.
    • The following two sessions are an opportunity for participants to consider how they behave in groups, exploring ways to develop their interpersonal skills.
    • The programme concludes with a session that identifies ways of communicating Quakerism, and a final session where participants can identify support structures within the groups and networks they are a part of.

    Living as a Quaker is available in hard copy format on request from the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013. The individual sessions and corresponding resources are also available to download.

    Living as a Quaker

    Please note that at this time we are unable to provide session 4 'Interactions' in any electronic format due to copyright restrictions.

    Sharing our journeys

    This pack contains a variety of activities which enable young Quakers and adult Friends to explore their spirituality in a Quaker context, to share their spiritual journeys and think about and articulate their beliefs and their values. It gives opportunities to discover by sharing together what Quakerism means to them and to other people.

    Sharing our journeys

    Resource pack

    Ways to Connect

    The Ways to connect cards are based on the 'How to' resources produced by Friends General Conference (FGC), and are reproduced with the kind permission of the clerks of the Youth Ministries Committee, FGC (USA).

    The aim of these 'Ways to Connect' cards is to promote and develop the way you think about the place of young Friends (from the ages of 12 and above) in your local meeting. There are eight subject areas in ways to connect:

    • engage in intergenerational conversations
    • communicate in ways that include young Friends
    • integrate young Friends into meeting
    • include young Friends on committees
    • plan an intergenerational event
    • stay in touch with young Friends
    • Quaker practices that might be helpful to young Friends
    • young Friends are vital to the Religious Society of Friends

    Ways to connect cards

    Set of cards

    Find out more

    Friends that want to develop the life of their community could find intergenerational activities helpful use Journeys in the Spirit special edition: 'Connecting as a Community'. This edition provides a range of ideas on how to develop relationships and make links with each other and with young Friends and is available from

    Be the Change

    This resource encourages young Quakers to take action, exploring some of the issues we campaign on and why they are important. It features a set of cards looking at economics, sustainability and of ideas to take action.

    Spiritual Development

    This booklet explores our understanding of Spiritual Development and how this affects our work with young people. It offers a model of spiritual development and practical ideas of ways to work with young people that will help facilitate their spiritual journeys.

    This resource is available upon request from the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    Relationships, sex and sexuality

    The Quaker Life Working Group on Young People and Relationships and Sexuality developed materials for working with Quaker young people on the issue of sex, sexuality and relationships. This was in 2008 and since then the language used around many of the issues explored has moved on, but lots of the ideas offered within the resources remain useful. The material encourages Meetings, Link groups and young people's events to engage in this topic with young people and help them develop meaningful and safe relationships. It is also hoped that this topic will provide a means for young people to think about their spirituality and help them connect to Quakers though a topic that is important to them.

    Relationships, sex and sexuality

    Journeys in the Spirit youth edition

    Additional activities


    I'm a Quaker – this is why

    I'm a Quaker this is why is aimed at young Quakers who want to give information to their friends about being a Quaker. It was written with help from young people and is a partnership project between the children and young people's and outreach work staff teams, both based in Quaker Life.

    I'm a Quaker – this is why is available upon request from the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    Quakers: a guide for young people

    This leaflet gives an overview of Quakerism and is aimed at Quaker young people. Using simple language and strong images it helps young Quakers understand some of the different aspects of being a Quaker.

    The leaflet is free and can be ordered by contacting the CYP Administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    Quaker Youth Work Recognition Scheme

    The Quaker Youth Work Recognition Scheme provides a framework to support young people working at events, enabling young people to identify how they have developed as a result of their participation in the event.

    This is done through conversation with a support person (a volunteer on the event) - there are two aims in this supportive relationship firstly to affirm the skills that the young person brings to and also develops through being a part of the event and to provide space for the young person to reflect on and be supported in their facilitation during the event.

    At the conclusion of the event participants receive a certificate which outlines the skills they have demonstrated in team work, personal organisation and facilitation, plus a development point under each of these headings.

    If you would like a copy of the resources that support this please contact the Youth Participation Officer on or 020 7663 1011.

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