The children's work edition of Journeys in the Spirit is a resource providing materials for adult Quakers working with children aged 5 to 12 in Quaker Meetings, all age events, residential gatherings and camps.

It offers thought out activities and approaches as a springboard for ideas that will stimulate the children and the adults working with them. It is published in two formats: a themed based issue and a topical activity – each on alternate months.

The theme based issue has enough ideas and activities for several sessions. It is set out in a four page booklet that always includes the same elements: getting ready, gathering, engaging, responding and reflecting. There is additional online material including: additional resources sheets, links to more resources, an easy to use plan and an all age worship outline.

The topical activity issue is a four page booklet with enough activities for at least two sessions with children. This is about something in the news or of seasonal interest and includes activities and ideas about ways to help children think about and respond to the issues raised.

It comes out every month and is free by subscription, you can choose to receive a paper copy or be emailed a link to an online version.


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    Guide on how to use the children's work edition of Journeys in the Spirit

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    Issue 105: Quaker Faith & Practice – Social Responsibility

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    Topical Activity August 2016

    There are no resources for Topical Activity August 2016: Rest and relaxation.

    Issue 104 : Faithful Lives - Quaker faith & practice chapter 18

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        The Journeys in the Spirit edition back issues are available to download (apart from the most recent two issues, which are available only to subscribers). This is a temporary catalogue and is not particularly refined. It is intended that a permanent, more user friendly, catalogue will replace this in time. If you would like to be emailed a pdf for a particular issue or to be posted a paper copy, email

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