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Quaker Resources

Find out about:

  • Quaker structures and resources for Quaker meetings
  • Online services for local and national Quaker groups
  • Resources and facilities at Friends House, London

Running a Quaker meeting

Our meetings for worship have no paid clergy, so are run by members. These pages contain information for office holders and those taking on duties for their meeting or meeting house as well as other resources for meetings.

Quaker groups and structures

Quakers in Britain are also known as Britain Yearly Meeting. Our church is a complex structure of groups, Quaker meetings and committees. Here you can find information about groups and structures and resources for committees.

Children and young people

Quakers aim to give children and young people the space and resources to develop their spiritual lives. This section contains information for those working with young people. Young people may be interested to visit

Library and Quaker Centre

The Library based at Friends House is a unique resource and is one of the largest collections in the world relating to Quakers. The Quaker Centre pages contain an online bookshop and details of our library of resources (leaflets, DVDs, books etc) for Quaker meetings.

News and events

The news section highlights news releases and press coverage of British Quakers as well as our own periodicals and newsletters. The events section offers details of numerous events such as our Yearly Meeting. Many events are open to non-Quakers.