An introduction to the Quaker book of discipline.


...a treasure-house of psychological and spiritual wisdom...

- Rosemary Harthill - The Tablet


The text in Quaker faith & practice is an attempt to express truth through the vital personal and corporate experience of Friends. It is largely composed of extracts from Friends' writings: a fitting way of expressing the breadth of Quaker theology. It also describes the current structures and practices of Britain Yearly Meeting.

The Quaker faith & practice website contains the full and unabridged text of the fifth edition, published in December 2013 as well as the new chapter 16 - Quaker marriage procedure - published in 2015.

Reading Quaker faith & practice

You are invited to read and respond to Quaker faith & practice alongside other Quakers in Britain Yearly Meeting. For more details of this project, please visit the Reading Quaker faith & practice page (offsite link).

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