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About Quakers

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Quaker faith

Our Quaker faith springs from the belief that each one of us can have a direct relationship with the Divine. We find that by meeting together for communal worship we are empowered to find peace and strength for work in the world.

DoveQuaker witness

Since our foundation in the 1600s in England, Quakers have tried to make a practical witness to our religious convictions. Quakers are especially active in peace work, human rights and social reform. Go to the  Faith and action section for more about this work.

Find out more

To find out more about Quakers you can order a free information pack. Alternatively, if you would like to meet some Quakers and hear them talk about Quaker worship and beliefs you could attend Quaker Quest. Visit Quaker Quest at

The following film was produced by Quakers in Watford and is one of a series of videos that attempt to explain the Quaker experience.

An Introduction to Watford Quakers (16 mins)

Taken from the DVD An Introduction to Watford Quakers.

Nine Quakers speak

On our enquirers site, see what nine Quakers from different backgrounds have to say about their spiritual journeys in some short videos.

Website showing nine faces