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Yearly Meeting 2015

1-4 May 2015, Friends House, London

YM2015 is the first of a new three-year arc on the theme ‘living out our faith in the world’. One of our focuses this year is housing as a particular example of a tested concern in the areas of inequality and injustice.

General contact details

Events and Committee services
Friends House
173 Euston Road
Tel: 020 7663 1040


Outline timetable [PDF: 156kb - new window]

Information and practicalities

We will no longer be producing this as a separate document for London based yearly meetings. Instead we will be providing a series of information sheets which will remain on the website.


We are working hard to make Yearly Meeting accessible to all those who wish to attend. General accessibility information from Friends House can be found at

If you need to access Yearly Meeting documents in a different format than those currently available please contact and we will contact you to discuss options.

For support or primary care during Yearly Meeting, your area meeting should be the first port of call. Members of the Pastoral Care Group will be available during Yearly Meeting to give additional support. If the area meeting is unable to help, the Pastoral Care Group will try to help but it needs advance notification. Please email

While the Pastoral Care Group will make every effort to provide support there may be a limit to what can be done.

Young Adults at Yearly Meeting (19-25 year olds)

Young Adults at Yearly Meeting will give you the opportunity of being part of Yearly Meeting sessions within a supported community. There will be daily sessions giving you a chance to prepare for and reflect on Yearly Meeting sessions and overnight accommodation and meals will be provided. Young Adults at Yearly Meeting is facilitated by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. To find out more see session information below or email

Children and Young People

We run a number of programmes for different age groups.

Staying with local Friends

For many years, there has been a scheme to enable Friends attending Yearly Meeting in London to stay with local Friends on a B&B basis at a nominal cost, currently £15 per person per night.

We hope to find accommodation for those Friends who need it, including visitors from other Yearly Meetings, those who need to stay close to Friends House, or those who require less expensive accommodation.

If you are able to help by offering a spare bed, or if you would like to request accommodation through this scheme, please contact as soon as possible, and by Sunday 29 March at the latest.

Documents for Yearly Meeting

Meeting for Sufferings - appointment for new triennium

The nominees to Meeting for Sufferings for the triennial period beginning Yearly Meeting 2015 until the rise of Yearly Meeting 2018 are now available.


We have a number of appointments to make at each Yearly Meeting. Friends have been identified for nomination after a careful and prayerful process of discernment. Their names are now before the Yearly Meeting.

Nominations to Committee to Examine Minutes

Quaker faith & practice 6.24 requires that the Committee to Examine Minutes be appointed at the first session of each Yearly Meeting. No more than ten Friends will be appointed, who will arrange a rota whereby two of their number shall examine the minutes at the close of each session and correct any slight inaccuracies.

If you would like to nominate a Friend to serve on the Committee to Examine Minutes you will need to complete this nominations form.

On the form you will need to provide your name, area meeting and contact details of the Friend you are nominating. In addition, you will need to have approached the Friend to see if they are willing to serve and you will need to certify this in the form.

The closing date for nominations is 17:00 on 28 April 2015. If we receive nominations for more than ten Friends, Yearly Meeting Arrangements Committee will determine the names to be brought before Yearly Meeting on Friday evening.

Offering Service at Yearly Meetings

Yearly Meeting wouldn't happen without your help. Volunteers take on a variety of roles such as doorkeepers, welcomers, microphone stewards and registration desk helpers. If you are able to offer help, please provide your deails using the online form [new window].

Proposed amendments to Quaker faith & practice

Meeting for Sufferings will bring suggested amendments to Quaker faith & practice, specifically to section 3.27 and Chapter 16.

Comments and queries are welcome from Friends and meetings in advance of Yearly Meeting to Michael Booth, Support for Meetings Officer, at or in Quaker Life at Friends House. Please note that suggestions should relate to the sections under revision at the present time. The text will be formatted to the style of the present printed Quaker faith & practice or the online version following approval by Yearly Meeting. Any suggestions for further changes to the proposed amendments made as a result of comments received will be printed in Documents in advance part 2 - draft minutes available at the time of Yearly Meeting.

Tours of Large Meeting House

Precise timings will be available shortly.