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Yearly Meeting 2015

1-4 May 2015, Friends House, London

YM2015 is the first of a new three-year arc on the theme ‘living out our faith in the world’.  One of our focuses this year is housing as a particular example of a tested concern in the areas of inequality and injustice.

Outline timetable [PDF: 69kb - new window]

Children & Young People

We run a number of programmes for different age groups.

Young Adults (19 – 25s) at Yearly Meeting

Young Adults at Yearly Meeting will give you the opportunity of being part of Yearly Meeting sessions within a supported community. There will be daily sessions giving you a chance to prepare for and reflect on Yearly Meeting sessions and overnight accommodation and meals will be provided. Young Adults at Yearly Meeting is facilitated by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. To find out more please email

Spiritual Preparation        

Spiritual preparation document [PDF: 381kb - new window]

Links to suggested reading

Quaker faith & practice 20.17 20.18 23.04 23.06 23.12 23.16 23.17 23.18 23.21

Swarthmore Lecture 2014: Open for transformation: Being Quaker by Ben Pink Dandelion. Available from the Quaker Centre Bookshop.

Jan Arriens' prepared ministry, Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014. - opens in new window

Britain Yearly Meeting Statement on Economic inequality in Britain, May 2014.- opens in new window

A tested concern: Housing

Quaker faith & practice chapter 23, sections 1-23 and 32-52 See:

Housing: our spiritual concern: Quaker Social Responsibility & Eduction 1993; republished by Quaker Housing Trust 2015 (available from 1 February).

Principles for a just housing policy: Quaker Social Responsibility & Education 2001; republished by Quaker Housing Trust 2015 (available from 1 February).

Printed copies of these booklets are available from the secretary of the Quaker Housing Trust, email (from 1 February).

Further information can be found at

Offering Service at Yearly Meetings

Yearly Meeting wouldn't happen without your help.  Volunteers take on a variety of roles such as doorkeepers, welcomers, microphone stewards and registration desk helpers. If you are able to offer help, please provide your deails using the form (new window). 

Staying with local Friends

Hospitality is available with local Friends at a small price to cover costs. Further details will be available shortly.