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Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) 2014

Evaluation form

It would help us enormously to plan future events if you would complete the evaluation form with your reflections.

Statement on Gaza

News release: Quakers urge recognition of Palestine


Final minutes [Word: 178kb - new window]

2014 Epistle

Epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering held at the University of Bath 2 – 9 August 2014

Epistles from other Yearly Meetings [Word: 44kb - new window]

Introductions to sessions

Committment and belonging [PDF: 349kb - new window]


Living out our faith in the world [PDF: 374kb - new window]


Minute 36 Group report [PDF: 287kb - new window]


Pattern of membership [Word: 29kb - new window]


What it means to be a Quaker today - summation [PDF: 448kb - new window]

Trustees' annual report 2013 - film

Celebrating Quaker work takes a look at the work of Quakers in Britain, as seen through the eyes of Friends from Northumbria Area Meeting.

The film also looks at the relationship between local Quakers and the central staff and committees, and features personal reflections on the joy of being a Quaker, and what it means to be part of a Quaker community.

You can find out more about Quaker work by reading the 2013 Trustees annual report.

Celebrating Quaker work from Quakers in Britain on Vimeo.

You can support Quaker work by contributing:

Living adventurously

Discover what Quakers are doing in the South West of England and find out how their Quaker faith inspires them. This film was produced, on behalf of Quakers in the South West, to welcome everyone to Yearly Meeting Gathering.


The Swarthmore Lecture can be found on Woodbrooke's website (new window).

Salter Lecture: 'Tax Justice - challenging the liturgy of neo-liberalism'

The Gorman Lecture 2014 has its own website (new window). A video of the lecture is available on Youtube (new window).

Documents in advance

The following three documents are split for reasons of file sizeThe page numbering continues from 1 to 87 through all three documents and relates to the index printed in the Events Listing.

Review of governing document

Documents in advance Part 1 – Agenda and notes, note 30 refers to the review of the governing document.  The text of the revised document can be found at appendix VII of Documents in advance part 1. A version of the document showing all the tracked changes can be seen here [Word: 77kb - new window]

Epistles & testimonies


List of nominations and releases to be brought to Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014 [Word: 144kb - new window]

Committee to Examine Minutes

Documents in advance Part 1 – Agenda and notes, note 3 refers to the appointment of a Committee to Examine Minutes. If you would like to nominate a Friend to serve on the Committee to Examine Minutes, please complete the online form with their contact details. Online form to nominate Friends to the Committee to Examine Minutes (offsite link - new window)

Social media at Yearly Meeting Gathering

The main BYM Facebook page (new window) and Twitter account (new window) will feature some YMG activity. On Twitter please use the hashtag #ymg2014. There is also a YMG 2014 Facebook group (new window) which will feature more detailed information and will be uodated frequently before, during and after YMG. To see all streams together go to

Friends are reminded not to use social media in session and to turn off mobile devices until the session ends.