Get involved

Yearly Meeting is organised and run by Quakers. There is a role for every Friend who will attend Yearly Meeting, no matter their resources.

Please consider putting your name forward for one of these roles. Details are provided below.

- Virtual doorkeeper and microphone steward. Welcome Friends during the Yearly Meeting sessions. Support Clerks during Meeting for Worship by muting and unmuting Friends.
- Join the Pastoral Care team. Work with members of the Pastoral Care group to provide oversight, practical help or a listening ear.
- Support the Children and Young People's programme as a volunteer.
- Serve on a nominations committee.
- Offer a community activity.
- Become a community champion. At your area or local meeting, explore ways of celebrating YMG with your local community.

Volunteering opportunities

Virtual doorkeeper and microphone steward

  • Doorkeepers and stewards support the clerks by welcoming Friends from the virtual waiting room. You will also mute and unmute Friends when the clerks call on them to minister.

    As a virtual doorkeeper and microphone steward you will be able to attend the sessions and minister if you are called upon to do so.

    You will be part of a small team in this role and likely to serve at three Yearly Meeting sessions. You can let us know if you would prefer to do fewer sessions.

    Friends should be comfortable using Zoom. Training will be provided to ensure volunteers are confident in their tasks.

    To volunteer for this role, please fill in the online volunteer registration form.

Join the Pastoral Care team

  • Friends on the Pastoral Care team support the Pastoral Care Group. This is a team of Friends who offer support to those who attend Yearly Meeting. As a member of the Pastoral Care team you may be required to miss some of the Yearly Meeting sessions.

    You will be part of a small team. We do not anticipate asking you to serve for more than three sessions, but you can let us know if you would prefer to do fewer.

    Friends will need to be comfortable with Zoom. Friends on the Pastoral Care team will undergo a DBS check as they may be supporting vulnerable individuals. There should be a balance in the group with Friends who have a range of experiences, these may include:

    - Using listening skills or providing care (professional or personal)
    - Experience of disability and/or the issues arising from the YM theme
    - Experience of teamwork supported by organisational skills

    For more information about this role, please see an outline of the role and expectations (PDF). To volunteer for this role, please fill in the online volunteer registration form.

Serve on Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee

  • Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee nominates Friends to serve on Central Nominations Committee (CNC). CNC finds Friends for roles across Britain Yearly Meeting. These include roles such as the Yearly Meeting Clerks, BYM Trustees and Treasurer, and members of central committees. CNC cannot nominate members to their own committee.

    Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee do not meet at Yearly Meeting, but are appointed at Yearly Meeting. Friends who serve on this Nominating Committee meet a few times a year to find Friends to serve on CNC.

    Meetings are likely to take place on Zoom. Friends should understand the need for diversity within Quaker committees. Friends should be good at sifting through information to find the right Friends for the task, and knowing many other Friends can be very helpful. There are a variety of ways to find Friends, including advertising, social media, and a database of information.

    Please fill in our online form to put your own name forward, or the name of a Friend who you feel would be excellent at the task.

Offer a community activity

  • Can you provide an activity online that will help Friends build community? This could be:

    - a chance to chat
    - an activity to undertake together online

    These activities do not have to be directly linked to the theme of Yearly Meeting.

    You will need to set up the meeting yourself. We strongly suggest using Zoom as most Friends are comfortable with the software. You will need:
    - to provide your own Zoom account
    - to provide a supporting Friend to help you with the technical aspects of the activity. They will need to be present throughout the entirety of your activity.

    To offer a community activity please fill in the online form.

Become a community champion in your own area or local meeting

  • Just as we all have different experiences of the light, so we have different expectations of Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) – perhaps this year more than ever as we prepare to hold our gathering mainly online.

    As we look forward to July, there are some options for getting Friends in your area meeting involved during YMG. We don't all have to do things in the same way, so please pick and mix from the ideas, finding ways to suit your own area or local meeting. Please see suggestions of ways to support and champion Yearly Meeting Gathering (PDF).

Children and Young People (CYP) Volunteer

  • We are not currently recruiting for team members for Yearly Meeting Gathering Children & Families and Young People's Programmes. However, we will be recruiting for our autumn and 2022 events in the coming months.

    To stay updated about future volunteering at events, please fill in our online form. You will be sent information about volunteering opportunities for our next round of recruitment.

"How can we make the meeting a community in which each person is accepted and nurtured and strangers are welcome?"
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