Children & Young People’s Programmes

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For children and young people, these programmes are an integral part of Yearly Meeting. They enable children and young people to engage with Yearly Meeting in a variety of age-appropriate ways, encouraging their faith formation and spiritual development and helping them to experience transformation beyond the event. They also help to integrate them with the Quaker community. These events will be in person. Places will be first come, first served and should be booked in advance.

There will be in-person sessions in Friends House exploring a theme of community and belonging. Parents / carers need to be attending BYM and be responsible for their children outside of session time.

There will be age-appropriate activities for example

Children aged 0-11: There will be age-appropriate activities such as worship, exploration of the theme, craft and games.

Young people aged 11-18: There will be space for worship, and exploration of topics that are of importance to Quakers . As well as promising to be thought provoking, exciting and fun.

Programme information

Children's Programme (0-11)

  • For those aged 0-11 (born after 31 August 2011)
  • "Children's programme was a really warm, supportive environment - just what the children thrive in."
  • Children's and Families were offered in-person sessions in Friends House . With age-appropriate activities such as (May details)worship, exploration of the theme, craft and games.
  • The minutes from children's programme can be found at

Young People's Programme (YPP) (11-15)

  • For 11-15 year olds (born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2011) This programme incurs a cost of (aprox) £250
  • "YPP was an extremely engaging and interactive event. It helped me to expand and to be the best version of myself."
  • YPP explored the theme of 'Truth and Integrity' as a thought provoking, exciting and fun residential programme. There was space for worship, and exploration of topics that are of importance to Quakers. The minutes from young people's programme can be found at

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) (15-18), 1 to 4 April 2023

  • JYM is run by young people, who are supported by a team of adults. This year JYM happened separately to Yearly Meeting, the event for Quakers of all ages, but linked to the issues being considered there.
  • JYM is a welcoming, exciting and thought-provoking event, whether you have recently discovered Quakerism or have been a Quaker all your life.
  • JYM offers everyone the opportunity to meet new people, make friends through social activities and engage with spiritual practices and ideas.
  • The group of young people who help to plan JYM (known as an Arrangements Committee) agreed the following theme: 'Speaking Truth To Power - how can we release this energy to bring light to our worlds?'
  • JYM was from 1 to 4 April. More information.
  • JYM 2023 minute (PDF)
  • JYM 2023 epistle (PDF)

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