Quakers meeting in London in 1668 wrote, "We did conclude among ourselves to settle a meeting, to see one another's faces, and open our hands to one another in the Truth of God once a year."

This year we met online - in a way our forebears could not imagine - knowing that being together reinforced the sense of community in our meetings and in Britain Yearly Meeting.

Read the epistle of Britain Yearly Meeting 2021 (PDF) or watch the video of the epistle below.

We might add that Yearly Meeting was a meeting for learning, inspiration and our strength for witness. It searched our spiritual depths and refreshed our spiritual lives. We saw each other's faces and we shared in reflection and discernment to uphold Yearly Meeting in session.

A number of publications helped us meet with hearts and minds prepared. These are the 'Proceedings of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain 2021'.

Documents for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021



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  • Friends will read the documents online, though if you need printed documents, they are printer-friendly and in PDF format. We request that Friends print your own copies or ask if anyone in your meeting can assist you. This will help us to save costs, especially while we are unable to print and send copies from Friends House.
  • Those with access requirements for printed materials can request them when booking for Yearly Meeting Gathering. If this does not meet your accessibility needs, or the needs of someone you know, please email

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