This podcast is about current Quaker witness – action inspired by Quaker faith. Featuring Quakers talking about ideas and how to take action, Q:Witness explores a range of issues in Britain and internationally.

Q:Witness is taking a break and will return in early autumn. Listen to previous episodes and find links to further information on this page.



    Show notes

    What is witness?

    Each episode we've been exploring an area of work that Quakers are active on. In this episode before we take a summer break, we look a bit deeper into what witness is and where it comes from for Quakers. We also explore how people sustain their activism.

    We chat to Paul Parker about what witness means to him and reflect on the spiritual underpinnings of Quaker activism. We also talk to George Lakey, US trainer and activist, about how he sustains his witness and how to build successful campaigns that address different layers of structural and cultural violence.

    George Lakey has recently written a book: 'Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians got it right – and how we can too'. Available at:

    Paul Parker blog post: Campaigning for change – in it for the long haul

    Follow Paul Parker on Twitter @RCQuaker or follow Earth Quaker Action Team @EQAT.

    Listen to the Campaign Against Arms Trade podcast.

    Waging nonviolence – George Lakey's column on Waging Nonviolence

    Watch Tim Gee's lecture: Movement building from stillness

    Challenging militarism

    This episode we discuss the tide of militarisation in Britain and how to take action to stop it. The belief that military solutions are superior is one of the things that makes war more likely. From cadet forces in state schools to Armed Forces Day, we hear how new initiatives amount to a deliberate militarisation of society to counteract falling support for Britain's wars. We hear about the movement to challenge militarism in Britain.

    Suki Ferguson, debut interviewer, speaks to Ellis Brooks and Sam Walton who work to challenge militarism in education and across society.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth Payne speaks to Scottish Parliamentary Engagement Officer Mairi Campbell-Jack about Quaker work in Scotland to increase transparency and scrutiny of military involvement in schools.

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    About Q:Witness

    Britain Yearly Meeting works on Quaker concerns nationally and internationally. In Q:Witness, learn about the work and how you can get involved. From social action and peacebuilding to economic justice and sustainability, we bring you analysis of the issues and ways to take action. You'll hear both from staff and from Quakers taking action.

    If you have a comment or question about the show, please feel free to tweet using the hashtag #Qwitness and we'll be able to respond. Or get in touch using the details below.


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