This podcast is about current Quaker witness. Featuring Quakers talking about ideas and how to take action, Q:Witness explores a range of issues in Britain and internationally.

Q;Witness covers Quaker action on sustainability, equality and peace. Quakers call this witness – action inspired by Quaker faith.



    Show notes

    Election round-up

    Following the UK general election on 8 June 2017, Ellis speaks to Jessica Metheringham, the Parliamentary Engagement Officer for Quakers in Britain. Jess reports on Quaker action during the campaign on key issues like nuclear disarmament and economic inequality and how to keep these on the agenda. She also reflects on the impact of the Lobbying Act on civil society's voice during the election.

    Read more about Quakers and the Lobbying Act.

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    Stop the arms fair

    War, human rights abuses and forced migration start in London. The Defence and Security Exhibition International (DSEi - pronounced 'dicey') is the largest arms fair in the world. Every two years, DSEi allows arms buyers and sellers to network and make deals. It's coming again on 4 September 2017, at ExCeL the huge exhibition centre in London Docklands.

    This episode is about how to stop the arms fair. Ellis and Elizabeth hear from Sam Walton, the Peace and Disarmament Programme Manager for Quakers in Britain, and Kat Hobbs from Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), as well as lots of other activists ready to challenge the repression.

    Quakers in Britain are a founder member of Stop the Arms Fair: a coalition of groups working together to oppose the arms fair in East London. We are building resistance to the arms fair through protest, lobbying, witness, creativity and prayer. The next DSEi is due to take place in 2017: if it does, Quakers will be working to increase the resistance.

    Quakers work to raise awareness of the human and environmental cost of the arms trade. We work with others to challenge the morality of the trade as a whole and to shine a light on the unethical and sometimes illegal activities of the arms industry.

    Thanks to and Bensounds for the music in this episode.

    Useful links

    Quaker work against the arms trade

    Twitter: @DisarmQuaker @CAATuk

    Contact Sam Walton:

    About Q:Witness

    Britain Yearly Meeting works on Quaker concerns nationally and internationally. In Q:Witness, learn about the work and how you can get involved. From social action and peacebuilding to economic justice and sustainability, we bring you analysis of the issues and ways to take action. You'll hear both from staff of Quaker Peace & Social Witness and from Quakers taking action.

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