The youth work edition of Journeys in the Spirit provides a range of ideas to use with 12 to 18 year olds in a Quaker context. Each issue explores a theme. It is produced in magazine format with all the activities in one A4 booklet.

The activities are written and presented to fit with the structure of a variety of youth events and activities. From link groups and weekends to week-long residential events to Sunday morning youth activities, each issue is packed with ideas for exploring a theme in a range of ways.

The material in Journeys in the Spirit is grouped according to different 'points', each with a different approach or way of exploring the theme. You can pick and choose to suit the group you are working with.

Journeys in the Spirit: youth edition comes out three times a year in February, June and October, on the second Monday of the month and is free by subscription. You can choose to receive a paper copy or be emailed a link to an online version.


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    Guide on how to use the youth work edition of Journeys in the Spirit

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    Subscribers are also sent a Quaker youth work news update with each issue.

    If you want to access the additional resources for previous issues, please go to catalogue and choose the issue you require.

    Issue 34 'Promoting Wellbeing' June 2018

    Here are the links to the additional resources for this issue.

    Introduction - Using this material

    Gathering Points - Wellbeing bingo

    Reflection Points - Reflecting on colour choices

    Starting Points - Tree of life

    Talking Points - Card game

    Talking Points - Looking after yourself

    Listening Points - Mindfulness

    Worship Points - Sculpture

    Worship Points - Geese

    Worship Points - Forgiveness and quotations

    Action Points - Flip it

    Ending Points -Happiness kits

    The next issue of Journeys in the Spirit Youth Edition will explore Quakers and religions around the world and it will be sent out on 8 October 2018.


    The Journeys in the Spirit edition back issues are available to download. If you would like to be emailed a pdf for a particular issue or to be posted a paper copy, email the CYP Administrator on

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