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Elders and Overseers (pastoral care)

Pastoral Care / Eldership and Oversight

Caring for the people, caring for the meeting

Every meeting needs people to care for its well-being and try to see that:

  • People will not be neglected when ill or distressed
  • The life of the community will be vibrant
  • Meeting for worship will be held in a right spirit
  • The spiritual needs of individuals will be looked after

Eldership involves responsibility for fostering the meeting's spiritual life, oversight ensures the pastoral care of individuals and the community.

Quaker Life supports individual meetings and helps ensure consistency and provides:

  • Training for eldership and oversight
  • Opportunities to share experience at conferences
  • People with experience of eldership and oversight to visit meetings if asked
  • Resources for meetings: Pastoral Care Resources


Contact Support for Meetings

Michael Booth, Support for Meetings Officer
Friends House
173 - 177 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ

Phone: 020 7663 1023