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Nurturing Nature

9 May 2023

A discussion-based workshop about practical local projects protecting nature, with case studies from Spiceland, Hoddeston and Norton-on-Tees Local Meetings

This session will look at how different types of climate action can have different impacts and how all of them can fit together in a broader climate movement. It will then focus more in depth on actions that work directly with nature in the form of planting or sustaining environmental habitats on a small, local scale.

A number of Quaker Meeting Houses have used their grounds as space to nurture nature and community. We will be looking at case studies from Norton-on-Tees, Spiceland and Hoddeston Local meetings.

This is part of a series on different ways to take climate action, which also includes Building Community Power on Thursday 18 May and Pressuring Powerful Institutions Monday 22 May.

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Start: 18:30 on 9 May 2023

Finish: 20:00 on 9 May 2023