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MAY 18

Building Community Power

18 May 2023

A discussion-based workshop on building community power for climate action, drawing on ideas from Rupert Read's 'moderate flank' and Citizens UK.

This online session will look at how different types of climate action can have different impacts and how all of them can fit together in a broader climate movement. It will then focus more in depth on actions that work to build relationships and develop leaders in communities, with the aim of building a broad power base.

A number of Quaker Meetings have used a community organising approach in partnership with Citizens UK. We will be looking at case studies from Newcastle and Taunton Local meetings.

This is part of a series on different ways to take climate action, which also includes Nurturing Nature on Tuesday 9 May and Pressuring Powerful Institutions Monday 22 May.

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Date & time

Start: 18:30 on 18 May 2023

Finish: 20:00 on 18 May 2023