Make your George Fox 400 events stand out by using the anniversary logo and selection of collages.

Please see the descriptions below of the visual assets that are provided by Quakers in Britain to make your George Fox 400 event material attractive.

George Fox 400 light logo

George Fox 400 logos

Please right click on the logos to the right to view / download the large PNG versions of the George Fox 400 logos. These are appropriate to be resized and used online and have a transparent background if you need to put them on top of bands of colour, plain areas of images etc.

George Fox 400 dark logo

These logos are also available in print (EPS) format. Click to download a zipped folder (967KB) with the EPS and PNG versions of the logos.

Collage images

The collage images used in Quakers in Britain website George Fox 400 web section are also available for you to use in flyers, posters, websites etc. Click to download a zipped folder (25.8MB). The images are 300dpi and RGB (you will need to convert to CMYK for professional print jobs). They are all just over or just under A4 size. Their proportions vary.