Quakers oppose military action in Syria

Quakers in Britain are urging the UK government not to take military action in Syria and to work for peace instead. Their statement reads:

“We see with horror the death and devastation being imposed on the people in and around Syria. We believe that the use of chemical weapons should be challenged. However, as a faith community our religious understanding and experience is that true peace cannot be imposed by military might.

“We remain convinced that there are both moral and pragmatic reasons to oppose military action in Syria. Bombs dropped from the air kill indiscriminately, and also increase the risk of terrorist retribution. Those who suffer the most in violent conflict are non-combatants, ordinary people including women and children.


True peace cannot be imposed by military might.

- Quakers in Britain


“Instead we support the process of building peace. Peace is rarely immediate or easy, but it results in genuine long-term security. True peace comes from hard work and thoughtful actions.

“We urge the Prime Minister not to sideline democratic processes, and to consider the long-term impact of any action in Syria."

Choose nonviolence and build peace