Quakers join international action for a loss and damage fund

On Loss and Damage Action Day 2022 Quakers join people around the world in calling for polluters to pay up for the loss and damage being wrought on communities by climate breakdown.

Protestors holding placards
Quakers call for loss and damage fund for those worst impacted by climate change, photo credit: Quakers in Britain

The action day, on Thursday, 22 September, will see hundreds of Quakers and others take part in vigils and rallies across the UK, including a walk of witness from St John's Church, Waterloo, to Parliament Square.

Open letter to PM Liz Truss

And Quakers have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Liz Truss, asking the UK government to take urgent action on climate-induced loss and damage at the next international climate talks, COP 27 in Egypt.

The letter calls on the UK government to increase taxation of the recent gains made by the biggest climate polluters, oil and gas companies, and proposes the revenue be directed to communities impacted by climate disasters and families struggling to pay soaring energy bills in the UK.

The walk of witness will pause outside Shell's London headquarters and silently bear witness to the damage being caused by fossil fuel companies.

Shell has reported massive profits, whilst receiving huge tax breaks from the UK: its shareholders profit from its lethal and destructive business model.

Response must be rooted in justice

Loss and Damage Action Day activities are being co-ordinated by Faith for the Climate, who believe the world's response to increasing climate chaos must be rooted in justice.

Quakers are calling on the UK government to pledge support for a loss and damage fund to compensate communities experiencing the devastating impact of the climate crisis.

In recent weeks, catastrophic floods in Pakistan – made more likely and more severe by global heating – have killed over 1,300 people and caused over $10 billion of damage. Yet, as Pakistan's Climate Minister Sherry Rehman points out, the country has contributed less than one per cent of carbon emissions.

Paul Parker, recording clerk of Quakers in Britain, said: “Quakers believe all human lives are of equal worth, and we seek to live according to that belief. If we are serious about that commitment, we cannot stand by while the poorest communities in the world are devastated by a climate crisis that is not of their making.

“Rich countries and fossil fuel companies need to pay up for the damage they have caused. We urgently need an international loss and damage fund to compensate communities and allow them to rebuild. Without this, any talk of climate justice is meaningless."

Read the letter to the PM here