Quakers call for truth and integrity in public life as PM resigns

This change in political leadership is an opportunity for the country to restore the essential values of truth and integrity in public life, say Quakers in Britain.

Downing Street sign
Photo by Jordhan Madec on Unsplash

Quakers hold truth and integrity as core values for individuals and society. The trust that flows from governing with truth and integrity is essential to democracy.

When that trust breaks down, people become disillusioned with democracy, and leaders lose their mandate to govern. It provides a platform for those offering undemocratic, unfair and non-inclusive alternatives.

Last weekend, Meeting for Sufferings, Quakers' national representative body, called for national action to tackle “the slow erosion of democratic rights and norms that we have witnessed in the UK in recent years."

Commenting on the Prime Minister's resignation on 7 July, Oliver Robertson, Head of Witness and Worship for Quakers in Britain, said:

“This change in our country's leadership is a valuable opportunity to set a new direction. It's a chance to affirm the fundamental importance of truth and integrity in public life. This will begin rebuilding people's trust in democracy, its leaders and institutions. We hold our country's leaders in the Light so that they may have the courage to face up to this challenge."