Quaker organisations share vision for peace in Palestine and Israel

Quakers around the world are calling for action to bring about a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel.

Quakers for peace banner
Quaker organisations have shared their vision for peace in Palestine and Israel. Photo credit: Quakers in Britain.

Several Quaker organisations including Quakers in Britain have issued a joint statement condemning the violence in Palestine and Israel and calling for action to bring about peace.

Quakers believe in the inherent worth of every individual and have a history of supporting both Palestinian and Israeli communities in the region.

Quaker organisations are calling for immediate action so that killings and suffering can end. That starts with a permanent ceasefire, the release of hostages and prisoners, and unrestricted humanitarian access in Gaza.

Western leaders must look beyond this moment and work towards achieving a just and lasting peace in Palestine and Israel, Quakers say. The statement continues:

“Even in this time of violence and pain, we hold the belief that a different future, free from injustice and violence, is possible.

“Lasting peace and reconciliation will be realized when both past and ongoing injustices are acknowledged and addressed, ensuring freedom, dignity, equal rights, and justice for all people living in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“Let us work together to make this vision a reality."

The Quaker organisations set out actions that the Israeli government, Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups, and Western leaders must take to bring about peace.

They also pledged to continue supporting the global community of Quakers to influence decision-makers and actively support an end to Israel's occupation of Palestine.

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