Jocelyn Bell Burnell in conversation

Jocelyn Bell Burnell is known to many as the scientist who discovered pulsars. She is less well known as a Quaker.

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On 28 May 2018 visitors to the Hay Festival will have a rare chance to hear Jocelyn speak about her life as a Quaker.

In her book Broken for Life she describes overcoming 'the happy ever after syndrome'. She also tells how she came to accept all her experiences. This includes weakness and damage. “Just as the broken stone reveals things that were not previously visible, can the wounded person offer something to the rest of us".

Jocelyn is a large figure in the scientific community. She was president of the Royal Astronomical Society and of the Institute of Physics. Despite her busy schedule she finds time to take an active part in the Quaker community. The stillness of Quaker meeting is her bedrock.

Hay Festival runs from 24 May–3 June. It's a great chance to explore Quakerism. There will be other Quakers at the festival. Each has their own story. They can put you in contact with Quakers in your area and give you plenty of food for thought to take away with you.

More about Jocelyn Bell Burnell in conversation with Rosie Boycott.

Image 'Susan Jocelyn Bell (Burnell), June 15, 1967' by Roger Haworth (Flickr account) Creative Commons Licence (offsite link)

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