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George Fox 400

George Fox, an early leader of Quakerism, would be turning 400 this year and Quakers in Britain and around the world are celebrating!

Fox made a point of living with integrity and acting against injustice. He helped to build a faith community that practised what they preached, looking for that of God in everyone. Quakers through history continued to live out these values, playing an important role in the abolition of slavery, modelling fair employment practices and working for humanitarian and social change. Today, Quakers in Britain work for peace, climate and social justice. Quaker communities create spaces for people of all faiths and none to explore their beliefs in quiet stillness. Following the example of George Fox and early Friends, Quakers continue to live and work by testimonies to peace, equality, simplicity, and truth.

Here you can learn more about Fox, his relevance today and how to get involved in the celebrations.