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OCT 19

BYM Sustainability Gathering: Bridging the gap

19 - 21 October 2018, The Hayes Conference Centre

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BYM Sustainability Gathering. Bridging the gap: hope and action

In 2011, Britain Yearly Meeting committed to becoming a low-carbon, sustainable community. This is our third national face-to-face gathering to support Friends and meetings in deepening and broadening our commitment. The gathering will address some of the gaps we encounter and the links we seek to make as we give life to our commitment – for instance, between:

  • sustainability and the other values we try to live, including areas of Quaker testimony
  • different groupings within our meetings, and in wider society
  • humans and the rest of the natural world.

More information

For more information contact:

Andrew McVicar

Telephone: 02076631119

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Date & time

Start: 18:00 on 19 October 2018

Finish: 14:00 on 21 October 2018


The Hayes Conference Centre
Hayes Lane
DE55 1AU
United Kingdom

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