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JAN 22

Nuclear Ban Treaty: local events

22 January 2021

There are lots of events to celebrate the Nuclear Ban Treaty's entry into force.

Nuclear weapon sliced by peace sign

There is a Thanksgiving Service hosted by the Network of Christian Peace Organisations, of which Quaker Peace & Social Witness is a member. All are welcome to join in through this link.

Friday 22 January 11.30–12.00

Tottenham Quakers will be holding a commemorative event. It starts at 12 to coincide with the ringing of bells throughout the UK to celebrate – but you may join right up to 12.15 which will be an introductory phase. The event will last till 12.30. Join the Zoom here.
Friday 22 January 12.00–12.30.

Cambridgeshire Quakers are running a Zoom event 'Nuclear Weapons Now Banned - A Step Towards Peace?'. More information and registration here.
Friday 22 January 7–9 pm

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Start: 12:00 on 22 January 2021

Finish: 21:00 on 22 January 2021