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MAR 18

BYM Sustainability Gathering

18 - 20 March 2016, Derbyshire

Our sustainability commitment - being a transformational community

In 2011, Britain Yearly Meeting in Canterbury committed to becoming a low-carbon, sustainable community. This is our second national face-to-face gathering to support Friends and meetings in deepening and broadening our commitment.

The gathering will have three threads:

1.practical change: changing our own lives and our Quaker activities and property to be low carbon and sustainable; and working with others for policy and systemic change;

2.engaging with the spiritual dimensions of climate change – open to the Light that brings us from darkness to new life and answering that of God in every one – building understanding, compassion and trust;

3.strengthening our communities as places of mutual support, collaboration, challenge, laughter and celebration, both within the Religious Society of Friends and with others.

There will be short talks, worship, workshops, fun and relaxation. The gathering will be participatory, focusing on participants' experiences of what is needed in our local meetings. There will be opportunities to hear about the experiences of other meetings, appreciate and learn from successes, explore the challenges and ask how we can best support each other. There will be resources and ideas for action. And there will be time to ask where we are led now in our corporate commitment.

Each area meeting is asked to send at least one Friend to the gathering; individuals are also welcome subject to space. We are hoping for a good mix including:

  • Seasoned Friends experienced in eldership and oversight
  • Friends with experience of work under Concern in this or other areas
  • Friends who have been sustainability champions in their meetings
  • Friends who have experience of activism in this or other areas

Arrivals: 16:00-18:00, Friday 18 March

Departures from 14:00, Sunday 20 March.

The cost of attending this gathering is £180.

The deadline for bookings has now passed, but we still have a few places left.

Please make sure your Area Meeting is sending someone! Register through the Registration button on the right.

More information

For more information contact:

Laurie Michaelis

Telephone: 01865 244 193

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Date & time

Start: 18:00 on 18 March 2016

Finish: 14:00 on 20 March 2016


The Hayes Conference Centre
DE55 1AU
United Kingdom

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